CanMar Global Expo 2020

 CanMar Global Expo 2020

Following on from a hugely successful CanMar Career Day on July 10th 2020, the CanMar Recruitment team have decided to elevate our efforts in connecting the cannabis community even further.

CanMar are proud to introduce CanMar Global Conference & Expo 2020. A 5 day event that invites companies and individuals worldwide to showcase their brands, network with industry peers and highlight opportunities in cannabis across the globe.

In times of uncertainty for many, CanMar recognizes the importance of a united and supportive community, this led us to host our first ever virtual event, CanMar Career Day.

This event saw over 20 companies, expert speakers and panelists as well as industry advocates come together to discuss the cannabis industry’s achievements, struggles and opportunities available to those looking to join or move within the professional cannabis space.

Although not specifically marketed to beyond North America, CanMar were delighted to find attendance from across the world on July 10th, including New Zealand, Germany, Argentina and the UK.

With this came the conceptualization for a second, broader event, designed to be completely inclusive to anyone interested in the cannabis industry, wherever they may be in the world.

CanMar are thrilled to be able to host this first of its kind virtual event later on this year which will feature over 200 exhibitors, 20 industry expert panel discussion, a safe space for partnership, investment and hiring discussions as well as unique, virtual networking lounges, all set across 3 time zones.

We encourage you to stay tuned to the CanMar website and social media channels in the coming weeks for event date releases, additional information and partnership opportunities for CanMar Global Conference & Expo.

The countdown is officially on!


For additional information and to express your interest in this event, please contact Michaela Courtney, CanMar Recruitment Marketing Partner at or on +1 778 778 8800