Cannabis Accessories in 2021

 Cannabis Accessories in 2021

Just yesterday, it felt like we had to enter head shops incognito using codes words like “tobacco smoking devices” to find cannabis accessories and other “paraphernalia.” In some places, uttering the phrase “bong” could have gotten you kicked out of a head shop. Before legalization, connoisseurs had to be much more creative by becoming regular pot-smoking McGivers using everyday items such as a ballpoint pen or even using natural fruit (You’ve seen the apple trick, right?) to get their take on.

The smoke shop industry has certainly come a long way, becoming more sophisticated with style, production, and quality. However, the old-school type of the classic head shop has a particular style that will never really go away.

Smoke shops have always had novelty accessories that ranged in size, shape, and theme. But the average piece, whether plastic, glass, metal or anything in between, usually had a distinct look.

As new participants take on the mantle of consumers and the industry continues to boom in nations worldwide, accessory developers also continue to diversify their creative approaches.

From look and style to form and function, the cannabis accessory game has changed immensely and will keep doing so. Let’s explore some of the most popular weed accessories today. 


Rolling papers have always been a go-to accessory for smoking flower. From the mid-20th century Jazz artists and Beat Poets who popularized smoking “tea” from thinly rolled-up paper to 1980-90s hip-hop artists who created the hype around the use of blunt wraps, outdated stereotypes no longer apply. Today, you see cannabis connoisseurs from all walks of life using a variety of products. However, we must reiterate, without these BIPOC trailblazers (Including Cheech and Chong!), the cannabis industry would not be where it is today.

Because of these popular accessories and the uberly health-conscious world we live in today, brands create rolling papers and blunt wraps that are much better for you. We often see products using raw, organic, and chemical-free ingredients, all-natural flavorings, and other healthy alternatives.


Grinders are a staple accessory that has been around for as long as we can remember, but not everyone took the time to use them. Now, they’re an absolute must-have for any bud aficionado who appreciates finely ground flowers and the extra kief that you can save for a rainy day. Evolving beyond gaudy, ‘stoner’-esque equipment, accessory makers are introducing more modern and sophisticated grinders to the market, allowing consumers to change the narrative around their goods. People can now own products that they’re proud to display on their coffee table instead of hiding them under their bed, paranoid that someone may judge or disapprove.

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Dab rigs first came to the cannabis scene around 2006 and have introduced an entirely new way of consuming a product that favors potency and flavor. These rigs have allowed cannabis concentrate usage to become more refined and, over time, have become more evolved, shifting from glass and flame to electric coil.

In today’s market, there’s a dab rig out there for everyone, even for those who only dab on special occasions. Whether you prefer wax, oil, or live rosin, the choices are nearly endless when it comes to wiping.


We’ve come a long way from simple hash brownies, and now we’re seeing edibles of all kinds, including restaurants that infuse artisan dishes with cannabis oil. With the latest technology and innovation, it’s now easier than ever to invest cannabis oil at home, creating a new booming sector of the thriving industry. Today, you can easily combine cannabis with butter and cooking oils by using oil diffusers and extractors.


The world of cannabis accessories in 2021 is as diverse as the people that use them. We’ll always have the fan favorites for the old-school smokers that invoke nostalgia, but now there is truly something for everyone. From vaporizers and elaborate glass pieces to table-top lighters, smell-proof accessories, and storage containers, the possibilities are nearly endless as we continue to progress in the cannabis accessory realm.

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