Cannabis legalization: the gateway to employment!!!

 Cannabis legalization: the gateway to employment!!!

From 17th October 2018, Canada decriminalized cannabis recreational use. Canada is the second country that has legalized cannabis nationwide just after Uruguay. All the people from Canada are permitted to have a small proportion of cannabis with them so that they can consume cannabis at public places in limited proportion.

In public, adults can possess only 30 grams of legal cannabis to them and the mandatory minimum age to possess cannabis is 18. They can buy cannabis only from government-licensed retailers.

Cannabis consumption in the workplace!!! 

One of the biggest questions about cannabis is that how to handle employees who consume cannabis before or during their work time because it affects both the safety of the employee as well as the quality of the work done by the employee. This is something that brings a lot of questions in our mind like:

  • Can these employees be terminated?
  • Should they be sent to their homes?
  • Should there be any contracts for the workforce regarding the consumption of cannabis at the workplace?
  • As cannabis is legal so, is there any benefit of drug testing?
  • Is drug testing allowed at the workplace?

These are the questions that the owner of the companies have in their mind as they don’t want to get affected the quality of the products and services they are going to deliver and cannabis could be a reason behind it. Here is something that we know about cannabis legalization.

Concerns HR has regarding cannabis legalization in Canada!!!

Both health and safety are the primary concerns that HR has after cannabis legalization because the employees who consume cannabis are not able to perform work with complete safety. The quality of the work gets affected by it. Some of the issues that an HR can have regarding cannabis consumption are:

  • Disorderly behavior of employees
  • Drop-in productivity of employees
  • Drop-in attendance of employees
  • Poor quality of work done by employees
  • The increased cost of insurance and medical
  • Disruptive behavior of employees
  • Increased chances of accidents at the workplace

These are some of the concerns that HR has because of cannabis legalization.

So, what is new about consuming cannabis in the workplace?

Similar to the fact that cigarettes are illegal to smoke at the workplace in the same way, it is illegal to take drugs like cannabis at the workplace. But still, there are certain questions like could employees take it during coffee breaks or lunch breaks? The rules of cannabis jobs are different in different provinces. Employees need to follow the rules and regulations regarding the Cannabis Jobs Vancouver set in their province.

So, what are the cannabis jobs Vancouver when safety is considered?

Jobs such as driving and operating machinery where safety should be the prime concern, consuming cannabis or alcohol is completely prohibited while doing these things, while on the other hand, where safety is not the main concern then cannabis legalization in Canada remains the same. Just make sure you search all the policies and regulations regarding the consumption of cannabis before consuming it at the workplace.