podcastChe ‘LeBlanc CEO of Rosebud Cannabis Farms and Eco-resorts, talks about “From the Shadows to the Spotlight”.

June 21, 2021by admin6791

Founder and CEO of  Rosebud Cannabis Farms and Eco-resorts,  Che ‘LeBlanc shares stories of growing up off-the-grid, with his cool-cat parents. Hear about his upbringing, his bond with his father, what it feels like being known as a “drug dealer” and breaking free from that stigma.

As Cannabis tourism flourishes in Canada, hear about Che’s Eco-resort located in supernatural, Nelson British Columbia; a space that is about connecting you back to You.

Lots to hear and learn from this man and his experience growing, nurturing and regenerating the land.

Che is a  wonderful speaker. Hear the love of his craft flow as he chats about the connectivity and balance he’s learned from raising Cannabis.

Find your balance, get aligned, be in Harmony.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.