COVID Friendly Holiday: 7 Best Activities to do at your home

 COVID Friendly Holiday: 7 Best Activities to do at your home

The holidays look a little different this year because of the obvious global pandemic that’s currently going on. The year 2020 was meant to be a milestone year, changing the decade where individuals set new and grand goals for themselves. Life didn’t stop when people were unable or unmotivated to reach their goals. Instead of focusing on that, we believe that the holidays can still be fun. Well, its time for COVID friendly holiday!

This is a great time to connect with the people in your household/bubble and with other individuals online to relax after the stress-inducing year. Living in the age of technology with an abundance of things to do, enjoy your holiday season with our top 7-holiday activity recommendations!

1. Hangout on Zoom call

Is it strange that sitting on a family/group zoom call has become normal? This is an almost no effort activity where you can chill on virtual calls with your beverage or cannabis indulgence of choice and have a “screen-to-screen” conversation.

2. Play old-school games

Remember when smartphones didn’t exist? Instead of apps, we had tangible games. This was an era in history where a game of Monopoly could tear a family apart and end in a furious table flip. Dust off those old games you likely still have in storage and get the whole family involved. Maybe avoid Jumanji; we don’t need a second pandemic!

3. Enjoy arts and crafts

This is a great time to complete those unfinished craft projects. There may be a box in your house with a half-knitted scarf, an almost hemmed outfit, an unpainted accent wall, or unfished facemasks. Arts and crafts is also a great way for families to have some fun together; why not have a paint night or an ornament-making house party! This is a fun COVID friendly holiday option to choose.

4. Create a movie theatre experience

People have been streaming endless hours of shows and watching movies. Take this activity to the next level and make this experience special with the people in your household. Create a movie theatre experience at home. This includes a family movie pick, comfortable seating, the right lighting, great food and snacks, and BUTTERY movie theatre style popcorn.

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5. Play online games

Board games weren’t your thing (Grandma 100% cheated in monopoly); not to worry, there are plenty of apps and online platforms that offer multiplayer games. Get your game face on and enjoy a night of activities with friends and family.

6. Have a living room karaoke session

Unleash your inner powerhouse with some living room karaoke. This activity doesn’t require any extra technology or equipment just a laptop/smartphone/smart TV. There are many Karaoke channels on YouTube with a variety of songs and genres. Belt out your favourite hits this holiday season.


Relax this holiday season; after all, you’ve earned it after a tough year. Of course, our final and favourite recommendation would be to use your choice of cannabis products. Enjoy your most loved product recreationally, medicinally, for pain relief and/or all the above!

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Make this COVID friendly holiday season all about quality time with your loved ones, whether virtually or within your household/bubble. It’s important to create amazing memories so when we look back on 2020, we won’t just think of the global pandemic but reminisce about the fun memories created over the holiday season.

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