New Decriminalization Bill Push for Psychedelic Drugs in San Francisco

 New Decriminalization Bill Push for Psychedelic Drugs in San Francisco


Psychedelics are being normalized in San Francisco. Legislators in San Francisco have introduced a bill to partially decriminalize psychedelic substances.

Aside from the city, California is one of the most willing states to conduct extensive research on psychedelics. This is especially true in institutes like the Translational Psychedelic Research Program and the California Institute of Integrative Studies.

What can we expect from the proposed bill if it passes? In general, it would reduce the number of non-violent drug prosecutions in San Francisco. To facilitate access to psychedelics for research and therapeutic purposes for healthcare workers and practitioners.

According to the bill’s authors, the following drugs will be decriminalized;

Investigating, detaining, arresting, or prosecuting individuals who have violated state and federal laws regarding the use of Entheogenic Plants listed on Schedule 1 of the Federal Controlled Substances Act.”

As a result, it is not completely decriminalizing drugs, but rather preventing the law from taking action against those who use them.

Furthermore, the bill stipulates that only natural psychedelic substances will be decriminalized. It’s likely the bill was introduced to spread awareness and access to psychedelics and their healing properties. It’s titled “Supporting Entheogenic Plant Practices.”.

By passing the bill, San Francisco would become the second Californian city to decriminalize psychedelic drugs after Oakland. It is hoped that it will prompt more cities and states to consider the benefits of drug decriminalization.

Supervisor Dean Preston and cosponsor Supervisor Hillary Ronen introduced the bill on July 26. However, the state senate is in recess until September 1, so we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to hear if the decriminalization bill was successful.

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