Diversity and Inclusion in Cannabis Companies | CanMar Recruitment

 Diversity and Inclusion in Cannabis Companies | CanMar Recruitment

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are often seen when candidates receive job offers solely because they are “different” and can add the proverbial “diversity” to an organization’s quota. In reality, diversity and inclusion refer to hiring based on merit, focusing on ensuring hiring practices are free from discrimination based on age, gender, race, orientation, and other characteristics unrelated to one’s ability to carry out the tasks of a job. With the cannabis industry only being a couple of years young since legalization in Canada and various parts of the world, recruitment practices have jumped to the forefront. A slew of jobs need to be filled, and management teams don’t know where to begin. The global focus on Diversity and Inclusion in Cannabis Companies adds to ensuring the recruitment and hiring practices within the cannabis industry are built from global best practices. At CanMar Recruitment, we specialize in just that!

So how do we hire for the budding cannabis and certify that diversity and inclusion are part of our recruitment practices?

CanMar Recruitment specialized in cannabis recruitment and emerged due to the need in a new industry that was still attempting to find its legs.  We focus on fueling the job market with qualified candidates who are passionate about the cannabis industry. Beyond that, we have an internal process to compile diverse candidates for all the positions. Our recruitment strategies go above the resume and dig down to find our clients the right fit. We place value on our recruitment and selection process and rely on five key pillars.

1. Building a Diverse Candidate Database

CanMar Recruitment starts with people! We are always on the hunt for qualified professionals even when there isn’t a specific open position for us to place them in at that moment in time. Part of the search and recruitment process is to note the individual’s qualifications; however, we also take the time to get to know them. We open discussions to share their stories with us (whatever they are comfortable sharing) to recommend them to companies where we see a strong fit beyond just their resume. We look it at from the point of view of an organization getting the benefit of this individual’s personal experiences and adding to the culture and livelihood of the organization.

2. Avoid Passing Judgement

We love the passion of the people in cannabis. The cannabis industry and the people working in it have been around a long time before legalization. When interviewing candidates, we stay neutral on their past experiences with the plant. Many cultivators, for example, started growing in their backyards before legalization. There are advocates in the industry with criminal records who took on the cause and were reprimanded. We view them as knowledgeable and well-versed in cannabis rather than play the morality police during the interview process.

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3. Look for Candidates from other Industries with Comparable Skills

The cannabis is a new industry; fresh, innovative, and on the rise! CanMar doesn’t operate inside the box; we strive to go beyond the norm and build our candidate pool from various industries. By expanding searches, we can reach more people, leading to a more diverse group of candidates. There are hidden gems in every market looking to transition to something they love. Well, yes! This is one way of enabling Diversity and Inclusion in cannabis companies.

4. Provide Clients with Diverse Candidates

Clients hire us to recruit for them based on our expertise in the cannabis market. They trust us to provide them with candidates for their organization, and we take that task to heart. We value Diversity and Inclusion in cannabis companies and thus operate from a place where all qualified candidates have the same opportunities when applying for a role. We then put forth a shortlist of 2-3 candidates with different individuals with unique backgrounds. At that point, we counsel clients to put aside any previous judgements they may have and hire based on who the best fit for their company is.

5. Diversity Through Education

Education in the cannabis space is arguably the most important item on this list because there is so much to learn legally and from a business standpoint. CanMar Recruitment has dedicated its business practices to ensure that knowledge will always be provided to our industry partners. We are so invested in this. We created CanMar Events, a branch of the company specifically designed to bring a diverse group of people together, share their experiences within the cannabis space, and provide learning opportunities to the attendees.

The topics we covered at our 1st CanMar Global Conference & Expo on October 23-25 included: female perspectives in cannabis, professional athletes advocating for CBD use in sports therapy, activists who stood up against the government to fight for legalization and decriminalization, influencers who went up against social media platforms when their content was removed, and the science behind medicinal cannabis along with many more relevant topics.

The idea of hosting these types of events is to not only educate but to build a network of cannabis warriors. What we saw blew us away. People of all races, orientations, ages, and genders showing their expertise in the many facets of this industry. These individuals help us build our candidate database to develop a more robust candidate pool.


Diversity and Inclusion in Cannabis Companies aren’t important because it’s trendy. People’s collective experiences and differences help organizations grow and provide safe spaces for individuals to earn a living. It also shapes the world to be more open and accepting of others who are different from them. Implementing recruiting practices that allow us to provide employers with candidates they may never have considered for roles is where our expertise comes in.

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