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You Can't Get A Better Hiring Experience Than This

CanMar Recruitment provides Contingency and Retained Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Human Resources Consulting services to organizations in the Cannabis Industry across Canada, United States and Europe.

We are a high-quality and trustworthy producer in the market by creating innovative ideas to deliver customized and personalized solutions in order to achieve maximum client and candidate satisfaction. We offer unrivaled expertise, with a management team that has many years of experience in the recruitment industry.

Here are some of the reasons why over 100 Cannabis companies in Canada, U.S. and the UK have trusted us with key hires and why we have 97% client retention rate:

Operational Excellence

To be able to recruit top talent. CanMar Recruitment uses CanMar 7-Step Recruitment ProcessTM, a state-of-the-art technology and an efficient operational discipline.

Expert Recruiters

Our specialized Recruitment Partners work in specific vertical markets, enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge of individual technical areas and dedicate their time to finding the right professionals for you.

We Are “Old-School” Headhunters

When you ask us to fill a position, we don’t limit ourselves with our database. Our database is substantial and have over 50,000 candidates. But once we create a target-profile, we reach out to everybody in the market. When we present a candidate to you, it comes from an extensive search.


With an access to comprehensive and thoroughly vetted network of over 50,000 candidates in our database, our Recruitment Partners have the ability to understand their career goals and objectives, skills and expertise and their future career plans. This process helps us understand what role and company is the best fit for a talent, thus enabling our recruitment team to gain in-depth knowledge of individual technical areas and dedicate their time to finding the right professionals for you.

Diverse Career Fields

Like a beautifully made suit, we find the perfect fit in over 20 different career fields for you.

Excellent Customer Service With Single Point Of Contact

Our Client Success Partners are your single point-of-contact in doing business with us. They act quickly on your expectations; drive for results, not just activities; and ensure detailed follow-up so that we meet our commitments to you.

If you are interested in looking for the right individual from another employment market, we can introduce you to the best candidates that would consider relocating to join your team.

Let’s get started! Contact us for more information.