Career in Cannabis: A Case study of launching your Cannabis Job

 Career in Cannabis: A Case study of launching your Cannabis Job

Cannabis is an exciting and emerging industry creating new jobs in the market. Individuals are now seeking specific roles within the industry, but many do not have cannabis-specific experience. So how does one enter the business? We interviewed Danna, a young up-and-comer within this booming sector regarding a Career in Cannabis.

Danna is a manager at a fitness studio in the beautiful city of Vancouver. She’s always had a passion for health and fitness and that passion has extended to Cannabis over the last few years. Being in the fitness industry she was constantly dealing with client injuries as well as her own, so she started learning about the health benefits of the cannabis plant. Her research turned into a desire to work in the cannabis industry, with her ideal role being a Territory Manager.

When asked why she chose cannabis careers, Danna says,

“It’s a new and exciting industry that’s growing so rapidly. Cannabis was only legalized a little over two years ago and there’s already been so much growth. My passion for cannabis comes from the health benefits of the plant, as well as my desire for eliminating the stigma surrounding it.”

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Danna didn’t have any cannabis experience, only her own recreational use, basic knowledge of the plant properties, and her passion for cannabis. She decided to apply to a Budtender position within a dispensary and start within the retail space to gain insight as well as build her resume to eventually land that dynamic role as a Territory Manager. Even during Covid-19, the cannabis industry continues to innovate by taking the traditional interview to the next level. Danna’s first interview was a one-way interview where she submitted a recording of herself answering five different questions with a one-minute time limit per question. She was so great that they invited her back for a zoom interview; a couple of days later she was offered the career in Cannabis!

The legal cannabis industry is still very young and it would be difficult to find employees who have worked in cannabis. It is important to show other skills and abilities on your resume that are transferrable to the role. We asked Danna how her skills were relevant to becoming a Budtender.

“As a manager at a boutique fitness studio, my role was very heavy in sales and customer service. These skills are extremely transferable as both jobs are customer-facing and require selling products and services. Relationship building and interpersonal skills are also key when interacting with people. The ability to build relationships translates quite seamlessly to my job at the dispensary as it’s always important to create connections with customers whenever possible, especially with repeat customers.”

Recruiting within the cannabis industry can be difficult because finding someone with cannabis-specific experience in an emerging market is not always accessible. However, CanMar Recruitment doesn’t just look at a resume, we get to know the person behind the page and assess their other skills to see what translates to a role in cannabis, whether it’s for a Lab Technician, Grower, Territory Manager, or like Danna a Budtender.

Interviewing Danna, this driven and enthusiastic Budtender and future Territory Manager, is an inspiration to anyone attempting to enter the cannabis industry and feels like they have no way in. If you want something badly and it doesn’t exist, carve out your own path to fulfil your dream.

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