How to get hired in the Cannabis Industry: 5 Tips for Jobseekers

 How to get hired in the Cannabis Industry: 5 Tips for Jobseekers

The Cannabis Industry is now a huge job creator. In the United States, there are more legal cannabis workers than electrical engineers, EMTs and paramedics. There are twice as many legal cannabis workers as dentists. To put that in view, more job seekers are looking towards the Cannabis industry to launch or grow their careers. By 2022, the Industry is expected to provide jobs to half a million people, and you could be one of them. So, here’s a blog to know – How to get hired in the cannabis industry?

Well, getting a job in the Cannabis Industry is very much similar to other industries. It would be best if you gained knowledge of the Industry, inculcate professional values, and of course, choose the right platform to launch your career.

Here are the 5 things you should keep in mind if you want to get hired in the Cannabis Industry. 

Start Networking

This is a good start in terms of job search in the cannabis industry. And, there’s no perhaps a better way to use sites such as LinkedIn and Leafwire. You get to know, connect and explore more on the functional aspect of the cannabis industry. Networking might also lead to insider information, like, how they got started in the Industry, critical challenges in growth etc. Knowing these answers will help you align yourself to the way the industry operates as a whole.


To ensure that your networking efforts are successful, you need to be an active part of the cannabis community. Make sure to attend virtual webinars, follow opinion leaders on social media, and attend job fairs, trade shows, cannabis expos when times settle to normal. Signing up on sites like CanMar Events will let you know when a right opportunity might pop up for you.

Be flexible to get educated

Every business in the cannabis industry is a startup. And a startup has to go through an ever-changing environment. And, this is where having a flexible attitude helps you settle in the Industry. Remember that you’re speaking with people at a startup company in the startup industry. Most companies don’t have dedicated HR units established yet, so be ready to adapt, learn and absorb from your interview and hiring processes.


Companies want to hire people who have strong knowledge of what the industry is like, their current situation and the regulations. So, subscribing to newsletters will help you stay updated on insights, law, regulations and news. 

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Upskill by gaining credentials

What credentials are needed to work in the Cannabis Industry in your state? Are licenses or affirmations required to land the kind of job you require? Do your research, check with your state, and decide if you need explicit qualifications to work in the company before you begin going after jobs.


Regardless of whether you’re not required to have specific credentials, getting industry certifications can make you stand apart from other job applicants. For instance, getting certified relating roles such as Budtender, Dispensary Management, Horticulture Specialist or Edibles Professional Certifications stands out from equally competitive jobseekers.


Have a learning attitude and ask Questions

Having a passion for Marijuana as a product is one part. But by the end of the day, everybody in the industry is learning, wanting to learn more. It helps grow and establish themselves in the market. Remember that learning is a part of growing, be it a job seeker or a company. It helps as a guide to perceive, change and correct your misconceptions. 


Knowing industry jargons to ace in an interview is to get hired in the cannabis industry. Get some information about the organization’s leadership, funding, and growth plans. Find out exactly where the organization operates. Is it in one state or 17? Does it serve in the medical cannabis area or deals with the adult-only market? Well, asking the right questions will help you build a better thought process and set your expectations on the job.

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Choosing the right platform to launch your Cannabis Career.

You don’t have to do it alone when you’re hunting for a cannabis job. Several job boards post Cannabis jobs but choose the job boards which specialize in marijuana jobs. But choosing the right platform is where the success of finding your dream role lies. Sign up, create your profile, and let our specialized recruiters present you to the best companies.


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How to find your dream role in Cannabis Industry?

The Cannabis Industry is hiring. Keep a note that applying for jobs in the cannabis industry is similar to what transpires in other sectors. Be passionate about the product, curious to learn, know the industry and stay agile. If you follow the tips mentioned above, it is sure that there is a Cannabis job waiting for you. All you have to do is to submit your profile at CanMar recruitment.