Jobs in Cannabis Industry: 8 Best Job roles and Industry Insights

 Jobs in Cannabis Industry: 8 Best Job roles and Industry Insights

With the legalization of Cannabis in many states/countries, many jobs are popping up in the legal Cannabis Industry. The industry is booming, and Jobs in Legal Cannabis Industry not to be taken in a lite manner. If you are ready to use your skills in a growing field, then there’s undoubtedly a Cannabis job out there for you. Some are general to many industries, e.g., Store or delivery managers, while others are unique to this emerging Industry. Before we take you ahead, here’s a rock rule – Marijuana jobs are still jobs!

So, how many times haven’t we seen a new Industry coming up and creating millions of employment opportunities worldwide? Cannabis is now a $10 billion industry and is expected to provide around 350,000 new jobs by the end of the year 2021. For Instance, if you look at Cannabis Job Board websites, you will find many opportunities related to your skillsets.`

Working in Cannabis Industry in 2021.

Consider a situation! 

Bob is a customer success manager in the Travel & Tourism Industry, and due to the recent pandemic, he had been laid off due to unavoidable reasons. Now that Bob is well-experienced in Customer service and looking out for a new job, he might be a great fit to work in the Cannabis Industry in customer-facing roles. This is what we call, Transferrable Skillsets! When a particular Industry collapses due to unavoidable reasons, there’s always an industry that creates new jobs. In our case, it’s the Legal Cannabis Industry. Working at such places is always an apt fit for people looking to change careers to an offbeat or prospering Industry. And, working in Cannabis Industry can be a great learning curve one could go through. Sounds perfect, right?!

Let’s take a look at eight such Jobs in Legal Cannabis Industry and decide which of them appeals to us.

1. Budtender

A budtender is a customer-facing role who works in a dispensary. A Budtender is generally the go-to resource for a customer for making purchases, like a sommelier, but for legal weed instead of wine. They provide correct information and answer customer queries. Accordingly, Budtenders must be highly personable and should have prior experience in Sales or customer-facing roles. 

2. Edible Maker

An edible maker will require experience with food handling and production. Many Jobs have emerged in this area, with edibles available in different forms, including baked goods, candies, and tea. Edible maker masters in making different recipes and producing goods with recreational and medical Marijuana. 

You need not be a Chef here; there are various other positions, such as working in an Assembly line, packaging, and labelling. And, note that having a culinary degree is always a plus point to work in such roles. 

3. Grow Master or Harvester

Harvesting Marijuana is a physically demanding job. It involves several tasks such as Growing, trimming and packaging. It is a labour-intensive and entry-level job requiring no prior experience (although some might need it). 

4. Production Manager

Production Managers are responsible for the overall seed-to-sale cycle of the product. You will be accountable for the Operations, staff management, budgeting, delivery, and production timelines in this job.

5. Website-Manager

To enable and run the digital presence of many dispensaries, Email, Social media, and website managers must manage their marketing and PR efforts. On the other hand, Innovations in the forms of Apps, websites are popping up from many Cannabis companies, creating a demand for Digital Marketing jobs in Cannabis Industry.

If you have a background in communications, digital media, web and graphic design, then you would be an excellent fit for such roles. Employers might often prefer those who have prior experience in Surrogate advertising as advertising cannabis products is still illegal at the Federal level.

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6. Store Manager

As more dispensaries are being set up, Store Managers are employed to run each Store efficiently. Experience of working in a dispensary is a huge advantage – and sometimes, you will also find roles as a Manager. In any case, managing employees, performing retail tasks, and achieving sales targets is what a Store Manager does.

7. Delivery Person

Many dispensaries offer a delivery option to patients prescribed with medical Cannabis but can’t make it out of their homes for pick-ups. Additionally, Delivery trucks are employed to ship items from factories to their different locations. 

A Delivery person will require a driver’s license, a clean driving record, and no criminal record. There will be situations where you’ll talk with customers, so you’ll need solid communication skills.

8. Vaporizer Retailer

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are increasingly turning popular these days on the Internet. Based on the online demand, many stores are coming up that are exclusively confined to selling smokeless devices. Finding a job in one of these stores will require good business acumen, Industry-related knowledge and customer service and support skills.

How to get a Cannabis Job?

Are you looking for a job? Well, Job searching in this emerging Cannabis industry may look traditional. Some say it is possible by extensive networking and referrals. But the best thing to do is to apply for Jobs in Cannabis Industry through a Recruitment Company. They make sure to introduce you to the right set of companies to land in your dream role. So, why wait? Update your CV and apply for Jobs in Cannabis Industry at CanMar Recruitment.