Marijuana Edibles: Everything you need to know

 Marijuana Edibles: Everything you need to know

Are Marijuana edibles the new smokables? The cannabis game is constantly changing and developing as the days, months, and years pass, and more countries legalize. The edibles market has been especially hot recently and continuing to grow. According to Health Canada, “Edible cannabis sales represent 17% of total sales…” within over 1 million packaged units sold. Could edibles overtake the smokables market over time? An edible is simply any food products that contain cannabis. Edibles can come in baked goods, candies, gummies, chocolates, and beverages.

“The increase in demand for the edible product has accelerated the pace at which edibles manufacturers are investing in research and development (R&D) as well as new product lines. We expect 2021 to be a banner year for the edible market as consumers started to show a preference for smokeless cannabis products in 2020.” 

Marijuana edibles have come such a long way from that strange tasting “special brownie.” Nowadays, there are trained cannabis bakers and chefs who can legitimately create delicious cannabis-infused recipes, and who doesn’t love a tasty treat? Let’s break it down. Why are edibles so incredibly popular, and what are the benefits that come along with them?


Although edibles can take up to 45 minutes to kick in, the effects can last a lot longer from consuming cannabis rather than inhaling it in its dry flower form. The effect of an edible can last 12 hours. We urge novice users to wait a couple of hours for the full effects rather than consume more.

Lung Health

Marijuana edibles are smoke-free and limit the intake of any hazardous smoke associated with smoking cannabis flower.

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Health Benefits

Cannabis, in general, has a multitude of health benefits. Edibles can be produced with just CBD, with THC or both giving you both the healing and psychoactive properties. Edibles can cause feelings of relaxation, help with muscle pain, aid sleep, and provide a euphoric experience.


Marijuana edibles are odourless and can be consumed quickly. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to keep a low profile. It’s a great way to ensure that your clothing doesn’t smell of cannabis.

“According to Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset, demand for medical and recreational cannabis edibles increased by 60% across seven state markets to $1.23 billion from $767 million in 2019.”


Next time you hit up a dispensary which products are you reaching for? Pretty soon, you’ll be able to take a fun personality quiz to see which cannabis product you are. Are you a smokable, an edible, or a topical?