You need the right people to grow your business. We can help.

In this fast-paced industry, you don’t have time to hire the wrong person. You need great people and you need them now. Not only is CanMar a recruitment consulting firm focused exclusively on the cannabis and psychedelics industry, we also have our finger firmly on the pulse of the global community, constantly learning, molding, and adapting to the latest trends.

1. Define the role

We aim to create a WIN for YOU by understanding and analyzing your requirements, organizational culture, values, and strategy and then recruiting the best available talent in the market. We always exceed our clients' expectations and constantly make it easier for them to do business with us by striving to understand how The Role will help the organization achieve its objectives.

2. Attract candidates

When you ask us to fill a position, we don'y limit ourselves with "comprehensive and thoroughly vetted network of over 50,000 candidates in our database." Once we create a target-profile, we reach out to everybody in the market. When we present a candidate to you, it comes from an extensive search.

3. Assess candidates

To be able to recruit top talent, CanMar Recruitment uses CanMar's 7-Step Recruitment Process™, a state-of-the-art technology and an efficient operational discipline. Our Recruitment Partners have the ability to understand candidates' career goals and objectives, skills and expertise and their future career plans. This process helps us understand what role and company is the best fit for a talent.

4. Interview & select candidate

From pre-screening to offer acceptance stage, CanMar Recruitment manages candidate experience for you. This includes scheduling interviews with the candidates and hiring managers, interview debriefing, job offer process, hiring and on-boarding, all the while promoting your employer brand to all selected and rejected candidates via honest and open communication.

5. Post-placement

This is more than a business for us. We are in it for #changinglives and nothing is better to maintain communication with you and the candidate in the first crucial months of emplyment to see how we impacted the lives of our clients and candidates.