Kaia, Brand Ambassador

I couldn’t be happier with CanMar’s process! John reached out with an amazing opportunity for me and was not only incredibly attentive each step of the way (i.e. preparing me before and after the interview), but he was also incredibly encouraging and just as excited for me as I am for the job! If CanMar reaches out to you, hear them out; they might have a dream job waiting for you!

Nigel G, Master Grower

Namita from CanMar Recruitment is a standing reproach to recruiting and talent acquisition. It takes talent to find it; better yet, professionalism to keep it. She is the first recommendation I have for companies and people. Our paths crossed first some three years ago – at the birth of the nascent Cannabis industry. Since then, as our careers have grown, so has her reputation and heuristics in coaching, mentoring, and advising. She has placed many great candidates in dream positions: myself included through CanMar recently. Namita and the team at CM are at the vanguard of recruitment – I could not recommend them enough.

Mitchell F

Lisa reached out to me with the perfect career opportunity, and her timing couldn’t have been any better! Even with the tight timeline, she was able to coordinate, mediate, and organize the hiring and on-boarding process with my new employer! She is extremely professional, engaging and a true expert in her field! Thank you CanMar; I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into the industry to work with the team.

Ketan K, Directory of Quality Assurance

I want to give a big shout out to CanMar Recruitment once again for presenting me with an excellent career opportunity. My recruitment partner for this process was Namita Badiyal. Namita has been amazing throughout the recruitment process. She is very engaging, supportive and believes in building relationships. I cannot thank her enough for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career. I would not hesitate to recommend CanMar Recruitment for anyone looking to kickstart a new career in the cannabis industry.

Marcello F, Business Development Manager

I wanted to highlight two amazing team members Jessica Chester & Timothy Lum. Looking for work during Covid is stressful. Jessica and Timothy brought an excitement to my job search, as their passion for what they do shines through in their outstanding customer service. I’m extremely impressed with the team you have at CanMar Recruitment Inc. Keep up the great work!

MS, Director of Sales & Marketing

Very personable and personalized approach, unlike any other head hunter I have experienced in the past – highly recommend Namita and her team – thumbs up for CanMar!

Bhavana R, Director of Extraction & Product Development

Thank you so much, team Canmar for bringing me an incredible opportunity and positioning me uniquely with the company. Even if a candidate and an employer are right for each other, it really helps to have a recruiter seamlessly connect both sides.
Despite the pandemic, Canmar enabled an exciting year ahead for me. Big shout out to Namita, Kelli and KD! “

Sean H, QA Associate

I would like to thank all of you at CanMar Recruitment very much for your services throughout the entire process of my recent job search. It wasn’t easy as the COVID-19 situation had just happened while I was starting to look for employment. The help provided from your team, especially my recruiter ‘Namita Badyal’ was top notch. Namita was a great help, kind, encouraging and always there to answer any questions. She even reached out on her own accord to check in and see how I was making out at various stages throughout the process, which means a lot to me. In fact, we still keep in contact to this day and will continue to do so into the future.  I would highly recommend contacting the CanMar team and Namita to anyone looking for a role in the cannabis industry.

Shivani B, Head of Quality Assurance

I wanted to share my feedback regarding the recruitment process I went through recently with CanMar. First of all I want to emphasize on my interactions with Namita Badyal. She was fantastic as a recruiter and she made the role very clear since the beginning and made a point in understanding my requirements as well. She is very approachable and professional. She kept in contact with me throughout the process, always giving useful advice. My interactions with Timothy Lum were positive as well. Many thanks for making the whole experience a positive one.

Rum R, Relationship Manager

I wanted to take a minute to thank the team at CanMar Recruitment for their assistance in helping me find a new job. Kelli Cera was very personable, friendly, and professional. They made a dreadful hunt for a new job seamless. Thank you CanMar Recruitment for helping me find the perfect job!

Raghu K, Quality Assurance Associate

I would like to thank the team at Canmar Recruitment, especially Tim who was incredibly supportive throughout interview process. From the offset, Tim kept me updated with the interview process and dedicated time to talk about any concerns. They both listened attentively and were able to orientate me in the right direction. I can confidently say their communication with me throughout was unparalleled! They listened to all my concerns and provided with the best possible solution.I was briefed well for the interview process with good interview tips. I would definitely recommend CanMar Recruitment.

Manju S, Quality Assurance Asscoaite

None of CanMar’s (Tim’s) calls in this whole recruitment process made me stress a bit because they make it so easy for a person to open up; talk and share as it is required from a candidate perspective. There is a lot always to talk about and I never felt like I am talking to a recruiter. It was so easy and convenient like I could call or text any time and tell what’s going on. Overall. You guys are just amazing. Really acknowledge and appreciate for whatever you did. Can’t thank you enough CanMar Recruitment.

Vishwa, Quality Control Technician

Getting a job in a pharmaceutical company is very difficult these days, especially if you don’t have many years of work experience. With an aspiration to work in the Quality Control environment, and with one year of work experience, I was trying to reach out to many companies and was turned down from everyone. With no proper person to guide, I was demotivated and anxious about the future. But then I came across CanMar recruitment’s advertisement regarding a Quality Control position and after applying, Kelli Cera contacted me and stared explaining to me about the company and CanMar’s role in finding talent for the Medical Marijuana industry. She was very friendly, motivating and was confident that my skills would land me a good position in the Quality Control department for their client. Her suggestions and tips made me prepare well for the interview and helped me know what to expect during the process.

The interview with CanMar’ Client and my going-to-be-employer was a success and Kelli told me that they were very pleased with my responses and were willing to hire me as a Quality Control Technician. I was thrilled on hearing that and I genuinely feel that I wouldn’t have done a better job on the interview without the motivation, help and support provided by the CanMar team. I am going to start work from Oct 1st and am very much excited to work with new people and establish a name for myself. I would definitely recommend anyone to CanMar recruitment, if they are willing to enter the Medical Marijuana industry and start their career. I wish CanMar all the very best with their work and would hope to see them grow to greater heights someday!

Urvish Bhavsar, Quality Assurance Assistant

 I am very pleased to share the tremendous experience of working with CanMar Recruitment. Working with Cannabis Industry was a dream for me and that’s achieved only with the help of CanMar Recruitment. I was very impressed by the constant support and guidance of the staff especially Timothy Lum (Tim) throughout my hiring process starting from evaluating the needs of the job seekers to satisfy the needs of employers. I will always recommend CanMar Recruitment who wants their brighter career in their appropriate field. 

Anita Nori, Supply Chain Specialist

I am very pleased and satisfied with the excellent service that Pankaj Kumar (PK) provided me at CanMar Recruitment. I have never used a recruiter before and PK definitely exceeded my expectations. He was so helpful from beginning to end and negotiated my needs with the employer on my behalf. He was very knowledgeable, provided great information and answered all my questions on the medical cannabis industry as it is still an exciting new market. He always took my interest to heart and made sure that I was satisfied with the outcome and placed me in the perfect position for me. I look forward to working with PK again in the future and would recommend CanMar Recruitment to anyone that is looking for the best recruiting service out there. Many thanks PK and CanMar Recruitment!

J-Ann E, Alternate QAP

CanMar has helped me obtain my dream job. The whole process was very enjoyable. I instantly felt like I was talking to friends. I would especially like to thank Timothy Lum (Tim) for guiding and providing me with constant feedback throughout the entire interview process. He was very informative and prompt for any inquiries I had. I have and would recommend CanMar recruitment to any of my colleagues looking into working in the Cannabis industry.

Vivien Diniz, Business Development Specialist

It was a pleasure to work with CanMar Recruitment. Their guidance and support were paramount in coaching me through the job seeking process. It is obvious through how they conduct themselves and their business that they really care about placing the right person with the right job. I always felt like they were looking out for what is best for me. With cannabis being such a new and exciting industry, I appreciated the knowledge that the team was able to impart throughout the process. I recommend working with CanMar. The team is friendly and dedicated to getting you the job you are looking for.My job title is no longer Content Writer, however. I’m now Sales and Business Development Specialist

Ravleen K, Facility Administrator

It is with great delight and appreciation that I thank you for the help and effort put in for the job offer received on November 27, 2018 for the position of Facility Administrator. I was successful in securing an excellent permanent role through PK. He as a confident and informative approach teamed with a down to earth and highly likeable personality. PK provided me with excellent support and guidance throughout my move. I would definitely recommend Canmar Recruitment highly enough.

Swati P, Purchasing Specialist

CanMar recruitment was fantastic to work with. PK, my recruiter, maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly. He was there to help through out the process. PK understood the time crunch I was in due to another job offer at hand, and he seamlessly carried out the entire recruitment process within my time frame efficiently. Throughout the whole process he supported me, called up after each round of interview and was prompt in following up. Good job PK and thanks for connecting me with this exciting opportunity.

Ketan K, Quality Control Associate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank CanMar Recruitment for finding my dream job in Cannabis industry. Timothy Lum at CanMar Recruitment has provided me continuous help and support from start to finish. He kept me informed and updated throughout my interview process and even guided me to prepare for the interview. I would definitely recommend CanMar Recruitment to anyone who wants to further their career in Cannabis industry. Many thanks to the team!

Molly Russell, Cultivation Technician

I know my husband has been working with you for most of our process, but on my end, I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the personal touch you guys provide by following up thoroughly through the process. Even little things like reminders and wishing good luck make a HUGE difference because nobody else does this.

Looking for employment can be really daunting and stressful, but my experience with CanMar has been a breeze! Keep up the great work, I would definitely recommend you to folks looking to join cannabis industry.

Bilal A, Quality Assurance Person – QAP

 I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to CanMar Recruitment team and take the opportunity in here to recommend their services to anyone searching for their dream job.  CanMar team is much more than recruitment, they connect with the candidate throughout the whole process and prepare you with skills set to shine and to impress their clients during the interview process.  Timothy Lum was a mentor, coach and advisor more than a recruiter and really makes you feel he is mastering the whole show.

Dr. Priyadarshan K, Analytical Chemist

It was a nice experience to work with the CanMar team throughout my recruitment process. Timothy, as my recruiter, was highly meticulous and professional in executing the process and yet have shown deep consideration and understanding about my requirement. His thorough understanding of a client and current situation of Cannabis industry is really appreciable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire CanMar recruitment team and strongly recommend their services as a gateway to the Cannabis industry.

Pinkal D, Quality Assurance Person – QAP

I would like to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. CanMar were by far the best agency I dealt with during my search for a new job. During the last two months I have appreciated your assistance in trying to find me suitable employment to match my skill-set. I would like to particularly mention that you were responsive, collaborative and are one of the best agencies out there with a keen eye for matching candidates with the right company. I am grateful and look forward to recommending others to use your star-studded team!

Alice S, Head of Customer Service

It was an absolute pleasure working with PK and appreciate all his tireless efforts in managing the relationship with his Client and myself. Working with PK has been an incredibly positive experience having not been familiar with CanMar Recruitment prior to.  PK was very personable from the beginning and took the time to understand me as a person; my passions and goals in life and looked after my best interest in supporting my goals and desires. While the process took a few attempts, I always felt supported in my requests and there was always a positive dialogue which made this process so meaningful.  I appreciate the transparency in the communications we had which helped to develop a great amount of trust that all parties’ interests were mutually valued. I want to credit PK and CanMar Recruitment for going above and beyond for taking time out of their personal day to help solidify the agreement between the employer and myself. I was blown away by their Friday evening and Saturday morning calls and just goes to show how much they care. I appreciate that I never felt like just a person behind a resume but truly a person who was valued for the work they have accomplished. I highly recommend CanMar Recruitment as they have built a brand based on trust, integrity and dependability. Thank you for making my placement a positive and fun experience!

Wesley Luu, Lab Assistant

I had the pleasure of working with CanMar during the recruitment process. Their unwavering support was exceptional from setting up logistics to interview preparations. For anyone looking to enter the cannabis industry, I highly recommend CanMar Recruitment

Muhammad U, Supply Chain Analyst

I was very lucky to have PK as a recruiter. I have never found anyone as thorough as him. The whole recruitment process was like a pleasant journey. He knew the role, company and industry very well and guided me throughout the process. He develops connections with his candidate and is extremely good with response time and feedback.
CanMar is definitely the best recruitment company I have worked with.

Preeti Awla, Junior Executive Assistant

The staff at CanMar is helping to establish a new level of professionalism in the cannabis industry that is unparalleled by its competitors. Canmar’s recruitment team guided me throughout my entire hiring process by giving definite support and positive motivation. Working in the cannabis industry has been a goal of mine and CanMar Recruitment helped me find a career in the industry I wanted, with a company that has room for advancement.

Dr. Oliver Corea, Head Scientist

I have had the pleasure of working with Canmar Recruiting both as a recruit and as a manager. As a recruit I was struck by Canmar’s support and advocacy. It felt like they were in my corner as they negotiated on my behalf. As a manager, I have found the caliber of recruit they bring in to be truly first-rate. They have an excellent ability to recognise needs of the industry and identify transferable skills, which is essential in the cannabis industry.

Dr. Kyle Boniface, Lead Scientist Cannabis Extraction & Product Development

CanMar’s thorough knowledge of the Cannabis Industry made my transition out of academia seamless. They were attentive, easy to work with, professional and looked out for my best interests. I highly recommend using CanMar if you’re serious about getting into the Cannabis industry.

Michael Kojo Danquah MSc., Extraction Technician

CanMar is excellent in finding intellectuals for specific job in the cannabis industry. Their professionalism in recruitment is very similar to coaching, and they prepare potential employees to the point where the faith once lost gets rekindled. I am glad we found each other CanMar, you made my transition into my dream field in medicinal chemistry a reality. I recommend CanMar to anyone who is passionate in joining the cannabis industry.

Vaibhav K, Lab Analyst

It was amazing to engage in the process of recruitment with Canmar Recruitment; I would convey my sincere thanks to Tim (Timothy) and highly professional team, whose role has been pivotal in mutual alignment of my interests and positional demands, he has been both prompt and flexible at the same time to listen and guide me through smoother transition to cannabis industry from bio/pharmaceutics background across coasts. His timely inputs and sincerity to acknowledge my concerns across the hiring process created enough space for me take life-changing informed decision, I would definitely recommend Canmar team for pursuing a successful cannabis career.

Wade F, IPM Specialist

Very helpful for acquiring a job in the cannabis field. Have key contacts in the cannabis field with up and coming companies. Very friendly and helpful representatives with a solid knowledge of the industry. Thanks again for the help of Pippa Gemmill and CanMar Recruitment in assisting myself in acquiring a position with an up and coming cannabis company.

AAI, Quality Assurance Associate

I was really impressed with the CanMar Recruitment procedures, professionalism and integrity throughout the whole process. KD was extremely proactive throughout the entire process of placing me, he has a very personal approach and dealing with him has been a pleasure rather than a chore. KD and the CanMar Recruitment team had contacted me with a genuine opportunity that was in my best interests. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the hard work & perpetual effort of your team. It has been a very positive experience I highly recommend CanMar Recruitment to any job seeker for professionalism and friendliness, with the prospect of potential placement. I am glad I found CanMar Recruitment team.

Gaurav S, Logistics Specialist

It has been an amazing experience working with the CanMar Team. They kept me informed about each and every step of the interview process. Most importantly I also received updates within quick hours for critical issues which is not what every recruiting firm does. I am very thankful and extremely elated by the opportunity CanMar has helped me grab. Highly appreciate and suggest my fellow job seekers!

Brendon R, Lead Grower

CanMar has demonstrated a higher level of recruitment services to clients into Canada’s cannabis industry. CanMar offers recruitment modalities that is unmatched by its competitors with cutting edge client focus channels and open lines of communication between leading cannabis industry players. Similarly, members of their team such as Timothy Lum are intrinsically motivated and highly specialize to deliver exceptional engagement, dialogue and rapport at every stage and phase of the recruitment process. CanMar continues to champion client success with their solid reputation and track record of accountability, transparency and competency. As a result, I was able to gain a foothold into the Cannabis industry as a lead grower and has favorable rated CanMar as a top-ranking cannabis recruitment agency.

Kyle S, Security Associate

I was really on the fence about joining the Cannabis industry but it was Jessica Chester’s continuous contact and assurance that convinced me to join. Throughout the process she remained in contact with me and answered any questions I had, she was available at all times of the day, which isn’t easy considering she’s 3 hours ahead in Toronto.

The CanMar team was amazing throughout the process, and I can’t thank them enough. They really cared about the concerns I had and cared about the decision I made, which really helped in my decision. As a recruiter I really felt they went above and beyond which I really appreciated!