CanMar Events Presents: The Buzz | January 2021

 CanMar Events Presents: The Buzz | January 2021

The cannabis industry is always growing and changing, and it’s difficult to keep up with the latest news. New regulations are passed constantly, companies are regularly releasing innovative products, and new countries are legalizing…so how can you keep up with all these changes? Well, watch CanMar events present “The Buzz”.

Save the date – January 21

The Buzz, presented by CanMar Events, is a bi-weekly show that will shine a light on the movers, shakers, and innovators of the cannabis and psychedelics industry. Each episode will feature company profiles, updates on the global industry, key financial and stock updates, hot products on the market, and budding trends. CanMar Events is connected to key decision-makers who can speak to the important changes and developments; one of the most amazing things about our industry is the compassion and willingness to help the little guy!

Where to Watch

Our first show will be on January 21, 2021. The format of The Buzz is a long-form and personal discussion. We want to showcase the most authentic side of this wonderful sector and the people in it. The show will be streaming on our social media channels, so make sure to follow our Instagram for the live stream and Twitter and LinkedIn for live updates and conversations before and after the event.

Meet the Host









We welcome our new Curation & Operations Lead, Duston Parsons! Dustin is an experienced entrepreneur and event producer and specializes in producing quality experiences both physically and virtually.

He brings a passion for cannabis, a love for education through entertainment, and a flair for culture. Dustin’s goal for The Buzz is to bridge the gap between industry heavy hitters and the individuals who want to work, grow, and learn about cannabis and psychedelics.

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The Giveaway

Remember the awesome CanMar Global Conference & Expo that happened in October 2020? We’ll be doing it again, but this time even bigger! Every episode of The Buzz will give away TWO early bird passes to CanMar Expo. All you have to do is engage, ask questions, and follow the instructions given by our hot life!

Please mark your calendars for January 21, 2021, and follow us on our social media channels to get the most current updates. Don’t miss the chance to know and connect with leaders who truly impact the cannabis and psychedelics business.

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