Why you don’t need experience working in the cannabis industry to become part of it.

 Why you don’t need experience working in the cannabis industry to become part of it.

The cannabis industry in Canada is relatively new; an industry still growing and adapting while much of the time being the centre of conversation, what with Canada being just the second country in the world to legalize cannabis after Uruguay.

With the industry blossoming of course comes opportunity, but how do we build a workforce in an industry that’s less than 2 years old? How do companies in the cannabis world hire professionals with industry experience?

The answer being most of the time, they don’t.

Without even bringing cannabis into it, when we are on the job hunt, scouring through the positions in our respective fields, do we search the job position we’re experienced in or do we search the industry we’ve previously worked in?

Of course, we might have an industry in mind or that is preferred but more often than not, we search ‘HR Manager’, ‘Marketing Executive, ‘Receptionist’ and see what’s available.

For example, the author of this blog has zero cannabis industry experience, Canadian or otherwise. How did I come from construction in a different country to cannabis in Canada?

It’s all in the transferrable skills.

Not to quote Liam Neeson but we each have a very particular set of skills that we’ve acquired over our careers so far. Whether we have acquired and built on these skills in construction, law or finance, they are still our super powers to apply to any industry.

If you’re an experienced office manager and have been in multiple other industries, what’s to say you’re not totally qualified to be an office manager in a cannabis organisation?

Ultimately employers are looking at you and your skills from your resume; are you qualified to run the office? Do you have the skills outlined in the job spec? If you have that bit of industry knowledge already, that’s great but really, it’s not the be-all and end-all when looking to make the move into the cannabis world.

While searching for a Marketing Partner, CanMar Recruitment for example knew exactly what they needed and wanted in a person for the position, and being in the business of matching people with companies, they got to work with a detailed job posting.

So along I come, with all my construction marketing experience, with no Canadian or cannabis work experience yet and think, I’ll apply for this role and see what happens because why not? Sure enough, they recognise my skill set, what I do well and believe I could be a good fit for their team.

Now here we are, I’m creating this piece of content to let others know, you don’t exactly need cannabis industry experience on your resume to apply for the job you want!

Michaela Courtney, Marketing Partner, CanMar Recruitment