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Selling Your Course on CanMar:

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Benefits of Partnering with CanMar:

Global Reach

Expand your audience beyond borders. With CanMar, your courses will reach passionate learners worldwide, eager to delve into health, wellness, and plant medicine education.

Strategic Marketing Support

Leverage our expert marketing strategies designed to highlight your course’s unique value, ensuring it captures the attention of the right audience at the right time.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy hassle-free course integration onto our platform, making your content accessible and engaging for students across devices.

Community Engagement

Connect with an active, global community of like-minded educators, content creators, and learners. CanMar fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Revenue Growth

With competitive revenue-sharing models, you benefit from your hard work while contributing to the collective knowledge of a growing industry.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to ensure your success, offering assistance from course setup to ongoing promotion and student engagement.

How it works?

Explore Our Course Offerings

Dive into a diverse array of courses designed to cater to various interests, skill levels, and learning goals.

Health & Wellness

Nutrition and Dietetics
Basics of Nutrition
Diet Planning
Sports Nutrition
Child Nutrition
Therapeutic Nutrition
Fitness & Exercise
Personal Training Certification
Strength and Conditioning
Fitness for Special Populations
Mental Health
Introduction to Psychology
Stress Management
Mindfulness and Meditation
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Mental Health First Aid
Alternative Medicine
Public Health
Global Health Issues
Health Policy
Environmental Health
Health Education and Promotion
Sleep Science
Holistic Health
Wellness Coaching
Addiction and Recovery
Health Education and Promotion
Safety and First
First Aid
Emergency Preparedness
Occupational Health and Safety

Professional Development

Leadership & Management
Effective Leadership
Conflict Resolution
Strategic Planning
Team Management
Organizational Behaviour
Communication Skills
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Professional Writing
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Fundamentals of Project Management
Agile and Scrum
Risk Management
Project Planning and Scheduling
Human Resources
Talent Acquisition
Employee Engagement
Diversity and Inclusion
Performance Management
HR Analytics
Marketing & Sales
Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Sales Techniques
Brand Management
Customer Relationship Management
Finance & Accounting
Financial Literacy for Non-Financial
Budgeting and Forecasting
Investment Principles
Corporate Finance
Technology for Professionals
Data Analysis for Decision Making
Introduction to IT for Non-IT Professionals
Cybersecurity Basics
Leveraging AI and Machine Learning in
Occupational Health and Safety

Criteria to sell a Course?

Criteria for Selling Courses on CanMar:

To ensure a seamless integration and distribution of your courses on CanMar, please review the following essential criteria:

Developed Course Content

Your course must be fully developed, ready for upload, and distribution. CanMar’s team will assist with the upload process to ensure your content is accessible to our global audience.

Alignment with CanMar’s Themes

Leverage our expert marketing strategies designed to highlight your course’s unique value, ensuring it captures the attention of the right audience at the right time.

Educational Quality

Content must be informative, well-researched, and provide real value to learners. It should aim to educate, inspire, and empower.

Professional Presentation

Courses must be presented in a professional manner, with clear audio, high-quality video, and comprehensive course materials.

Ethical Standards

All content must adhere to ethical standards, promoting safe and responsible practices within the realms of health and wellness.

Evidence-Based Information

Where applicable, courses should be based on scientific research, best practices, and proven methodologies.


Content should be accessible to a diverse global audience, taking into consideration different learning styles and needs.

Engagement and Interaction

Courses designed to engage students, encourage interaction, and provide practical applications will be prioritized.

Legal Compliance:

Courses must comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to health, wellness, and plant medicine in jurisdictions where CanMar operates.

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