THeCo.Space is a connector & strategist of EcoConscious experiences, businesses & brands in the Earth Medicine Space. It is home to H.E.R.Space; a digital mycelial affiliate platform connecting Healers, Educators & Researchers through the lens of the UX/the Consumer navigating their experience, the patient/the tourist/the gurl; and H.E.R.Studio; a rentable co-working physical space connecting local Healers, Educators, & Researchers looking for space to play and practice their craft.


Discussions by Design

Discussions by Design offers Leadership Coaching as well as unique customized programs that focus on improving communication and work relationships while increasing employee engagement and performance.

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SoluZone Consulting

We provide Business and HR solutions to our clients so that they can maximize the benefits of their efforts to grow their business. We simplify our client’s business, HR, and operational processes by providing best solutions and innovation. We share our passion by helping our clients to solve their business and HR challenges. Our tested innovative processes are designed to empower our client’s business and human capital.



How Can I Benefit By Working With CanMar?

We understand how valuable your time is, and searching for talented staff is going to take up a ton of that valuable time. Why spend time looking for the perfect employee when we can do that for you? CanMar provides a cost-effective solution for your recruitment needs. Trust us to find your ideal candidate. We are experts in recruitment and will advertise your position, screen candidates, and conduct preliminary interviews. By hiring CanMar, you can stay focused on your business and let us do all the work. We’re here to help you find your dream team.

What Are The Areas In Which CanMar Specializes?
What Happens When Candidates Are Presented To Me By CanMar?