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Why Choose CanMar Ads?

Niche Focus, Massive Reach:

  • We have a broad reach of 60,000 visitors a month, serving both the Canadian and US markets, with the US market performing in top position.

Multi-Platform Exposure:

  •  From our website to our Spotify Morning Talk Show and YouTube channel, you can choose to diversify your advertising placement based on what works best for your target market.

Data-Driven Results:

  •  Our cloud-based platform offers real-time analytics to ensure your campaigns are hitting the mark and you are maximizing our spend and placement

Ad Placement Opportunities

On Our Website

  • Premium Spots: Your brand will be featured on our most visited pages.

  • Customized Campaigns: Tailor your ads to reach your target audience.

CanMar Morning Talk Show on Spotify

  • Sponsored Segments: Be a part of our industry-leading discussions.

  • Shoutouts: Get your brand mentioned by our hosts.

Video Channels

  • Video Collaborations: Partner with us for co-created content.

  • Ad Rolls: Your ads will play before and during our videos.


  • Exclusive Sponsorships: Your brand will be the highlight of our monthly newsletters.

  • Custom Content: Share your stories, offers, and news directly to our subscribers' inboxes. CanMar Hub Social App

  • In-App Promotions: Engage users directly on their mobile devices.

  • Featured Posts: Gain visibility through sponsored content within the app

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