SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

What is CBG & What are it’s Potential Benefits?

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Cannabis beginners may not know where to start.

Different strains are best for different people. The strain you choose will depend on your desired experience and effect, as well as the cannabis products you prefer to use.

Perhaps the most exotic strains of weed aren’t the best choice for beginners. Beginners may experience some THC-induced paranoia from most of the strong strains.

In 2022, here are some of the top exotic weed strains that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.


Are you ready to discover the rainbow, taste the rainbow, and smoke the rainbow?

The broad hues and tints of this popular and incredibly unique strain make it stand out as exotic simply because of its broad color palette. According to reports, BSF Seeds created this strain to make its own version of Skittles.

The result was a vibrant Indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC content of 24%. It is especially beneficial for medical patients who need relief from pain, inflammation, and relaxation.

Aussie Blue

Blue Haze meets Duck (Boise) to create this heavy-hitting hybrid.

Due to the fact that it is of Australian heritage, a country that does not normally produce its own marijuana strains, it has become highly sought after.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a high THC content of 20% and offers flavors such as lemon, pine, spice, and earth. In addition to offering a lively and energetic experience, Aussie Blue is also a quite unique strain.

Black Indica

In the 1980s, Vancouver-based BC Bud Depot started growing this strain. With a mellow and relaxing THC content of 13%, it’s a soothing cross between Afghan and Kush.

This Indica-dominant hybrid also contains 3% CBD, meaning a relaxed state is guaranteed. A distinctive black hue accompanies the dark green leaves and dark purple hues of this strain.

Bubba Kush

With its heavy doses of THC, Bubba Kush calms the mind and body. The strain relaxes the user and leaves them feeling euphoric. With its high THC content and strong effects, it’s one of the most popular Indica strains.

Perfect to kick back and enjoy the day, this thick bud boasts a sweet scent with chocolate undertones. Once it kicks in, any stress or pain will melt away.

This powerful indica contains 26% cannabinoid content, including Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBG & more.

Malawi Gold

With a THC level of 16%, Malawi Gold is an awe-inspiring Sativa strain. As a result of its impressive mental and physical effects, this strain is often consumed. One of the most exotic strains on the market today, Malawi Gold produces gold-colored buds.

You’ll feel very relaxed after a few hits of Malawi Gold. It’s a potent strain that nails your head and body. Your mind will soar and get creative with its mild cerebral effects. Due to its adaptation to sunlight, Malawi Gold has quite a long flowering time.


Snowcap is one of the most pungent strains. The Snowcap strain is a 50/50 hybrid with an average THC content of 22% and a CBD content of 0.4%. Not for the faint-hearted. The Snowcap strain is relatively new to the weed industry.

While its relaxing yet uplifting high will impress even the fussiest of marijuana smokers, its zesty, lemon scent makes it a highly refreshing marijuana variety.

Frisian Dew

As a result of combining its Indica and Sativa genes, Frisian Dew produces an even hybrid of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

Uniquely bred to have deformed leaves and a low THC content, it does not resemble most marijuana plants, making it pretty exotic.

This strain is perfect for those who like a little spice in their lives. It has a peppery taste and will help calm down those aches and pains so you can power through your day feeling fresh and energized!

Pinkman Goo

One of the most exotic strains you can find is Pinkman Goo.

Pinkman Goo’s smell reminds me of sweet pea pods, while its taste has hints of a succulent lemon. Pinkman Goo is the perfect starter plant for an enthusiastic grower.

This Purple Kush and Ghost Train Haze hybrid are unique in every aspect, including its lineage, aroma, hardiness, and taste. The final product is a sweet and beautiful strain that will brighten up even the dreariest of days.

The resin is thick and sticky, but don’t let that fool you. This is not a low-grade marijuana strain.

Granddaddy Purple

A strain like Granddaddy Purple is one of a kind.

The strain was a cross between an Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa, with its parents being Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Its unique lineage is what makes it exotic, as well as its strong grape-like aroma.

Granddaddy Purple has a grape taste from its Purple Urkle parent. This variety offers a strong high and exotic taste that smokers will love. Even non-smokers will find it hard to resist the sweet scent.

Platinum OG

Platinum is the most precious metal on Earth, which is why this strain is named after it.

Due to its strength, it is incredibly exotic, especially for beginners looking to up their game.

Platinum OG has been proven to relieve chronic pain and nausea in equal measure through its euphoric and relaxing effects.

Master Kush

A perfect example of the success of decades of careful breeding is Master Kush.

The strain was bred from two classic landrace strains from India and Pakistan. It has a very potent hash-like flavor and an intense high.

This plant has a unique subtle earthy and citrus smell and delivers a vintage flavor with hints of incense known as a hard-rubbed chakras flavor.

This strain provides full-body relaxation without adverse effects. Instead, it sharpens our sensory awareness, which makes us feel sharpened to analyze every activity better.

What Makes Weed Exotic?

It may be confusing to understand what makes weed exotic. If we remove cannabis from the equation, what does the word exotic really mean?

An exotic animal like a bird from Costa Rica might be exotic to North Americans, but it’s not to South Americans. Thus, exotic weed means strains and genetics that were bred elsewhere from where you reside. But that’s not all.

Any beginner to cannabis might look at any strain as exotic, considering that it’s completely out of their territory. But, seasoned users who know their weed might want an exotic strain that presents;

  • Bolder colors

  • Higher terpene contents

  • Higher cannabinoid contents

  • Powerful effects

While some of the strains below have genetics that hails from different countries like Afghanistan, Australia, Jamaica, and Colombia, most are only labeled as exotic for their cannabis properties noted in the list above.

How To Grow An Exotic Weed Plant

The best answer would be to go to an exotic region and grow your own plant. But if a residential move doesn’t sound like your thing, here’s how you can grow an exotic weed plant at home.

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors is completely up to you; just remember that strains often grown in hot climates may need a little more heat and sunshine than those grown in cooler climates.

We suggest looking into the best exotic seeds on the market. But how can you do that? Check out our list below of the best exotic weed strains of 2022, then head over to a seed bank and check if they’re in stock.

Here’s a guide on where to buy the best marijuana seeds. After you’ve selected your seeds, growing regular weed vs. exotic weed is essentially the same. If you’re new to growing cannabis, visit our guide on how to grow cannabis outdoors.

The core differences are the aromas, colors, and trichomes formed on exotic weeds during the flowering stage; they tend to appear much faster and more vibrantly. It brings a little more excitement than growing a strain that’s often grown in your region.

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