Budtender Bonuses: Is it Common Courtesy to Tip?

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What percentage do you typically leave restaurant servers?

Should we start thinking about leaving a tip for cannabis budtenders, even though that’s a more individualized question that varies from person to person and place to region?

The discussion began on Reddit, sparking a lengthy comment thread full of strong viewpoints. Over 1.1K comments have been written in response to a conversation started by one Reddit user. Let’s find out what the prevailing opinion is.

If you don’t tip, you’re being cheap

After a rather peculiar experience at their dispensary, the Reddit user enquired as to what people often tip when they purchase cannabis. They stated that the $130 purchase included a pre-set tip option that ranged from 18% to 28%.

Can we simply acknowledge for a second how absurdly high that is? In many countries, the customary gratuity is 10%, with it rising to 18% or more if outstanding service was received.

The Reddit poster, however, explained how the budtender hardly made any effort.

“The girl at the counter took just 20 seconds to fetch a bag from a drawer and 10 seconds to ring me up; she expects a gratuity for that? I didn’t even ask her about the goods because I already knew what I wanted,” the consumer remarked.

The budtender said, “It’s pretty cheap of you not to tip these days,” when they didn’t leave a tip.

Should We Tip Grocery & Liquor Store Employees If We Tip Budtenders?

The story surprised other Reddit members. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them concurred that it is not required to tip a bartender.

Of course, it could be good to tip if your questions or product searches are delaying others in line. However, tipping isn’t really required if you’re only picking up a product or speaking with the budtender for two minutes.

Some users claimed that they only ever tip when receiving a cannabis delivery. One person commented, “You are not required to support her salary just because her employer is a cheapskate.”

Others pointed out that tipping budtenders would imply tipping everyone behind a cash register or in any shop. “Do we tip the cashiers at the grocery stores as well?” said another.

“No disrespect to any budtenders, but budtenders are practically the same as a liquor store clerk,” one user with 16 upvotes commented.

Looking for the entire Reddit discussion? Go here.

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