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The cannabis sector is arguably experiencing somewhat of a zeitgeist globally, from legalization and reform to legal cannabis securing its place in mainstream culture, with celebrities like Jim Belushi leading the charge in terms of advocacy. As the dominos begin to topple and more countries leap onto the legalization bandwagon the world is starting to see a snowball effect with governments like Thailand, Japan, and Germany racing to revise cannabis legislature.

With the expansion of the emerging legal cannabis industry comes an influx of opportunities that simply did not exist pre-cannabis reform. Now, cannabis-related career goals and employment options are very much a reality.

However, with the cannabis sector still in its infancy and considering the speed at which the industry has expanded in a short amount of time, finding one’s place in or even the right job opportunity, for that matter, may not come as easily as expected. On the contrary, cannabis employers may encounter some difficulty securing prospective candidates with solid experience.

That’s where CanMar comes in. Since its inception in 2017, CanMar has been steadily building a global industry network targeted specifically at the cannabis and psychedelics community. Headquartered in Canada, CanMar is one of the nation’s leading cannabis and psychedelics recruitment specialists and, now, is positioned to become a central hub for the global community and industry.

While navigating the precarious post-Covid landscape CanMar identified a gap in the international cannabis industry – a safe space for the global community to connect, network, and share information in a central place, free from shadow-banning, diluted messaging and other restrictions.

Thus, CanMar Hub was born – a social tech platform community app positioned as the very first of its kind, devoted to bringing the global cannabis and psychedelics community together. The CanMar Hub app provides access to quality features such as networking, B2B deals, a global business directory, industry events, marketplace, education, CanTank for investors, jobs and recruitment, news, and so much more.

CanMar is striving to redefine the industry and become a global commercial hub. CanMar is unwavering in their passion and desire to bring the best to their CanMaronians, and, with their finger firmly on the pulse of the global community, are constantly learning, molding, and adapting to the latest trends to bring top quality content and features to the global community.

That’s where you come in. CanMar, for a limited time only, is currently looking for beta testers to provide feedback on the app and assist in creating the best possible hub for the global cannabis and psychedelics community.

Be sure to strike while the iron is hot, as downloading the CanMar Hub app in the future will be done so by invite only.

You can claim your exclusive invitation to be one of the first beta testers at:

Any questions, feedback, partnership opportunities and beyond can be directed to Alternatively, the CanMar team can be located on the app itself by finding a user with the “CanMar Team” badge next to their name.

Recruitment remains a primary by-product of CanMar, so those looking to grow their career in the growing cannabis and psychedelics industry, it is recommended to check out these job opportunities, and if you need to curate the perfect dream team and hire the best candidates, CanMar is there to help.

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