MARCH 3, 2023

Cannabis & Hemp in Fashion: How the Plant is Shaping the Industry

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"Canna-Apparel": a kind of passive activism or a step toward acceptance? 

 Fashion designers are continuously searching for fresh and cutting-edge materials to employ in their designs as the business is constantly changing. Cannabis and hemp have been more well-liked recently as eco-friendly and adaptable materials for clothing. Due to the widespread legalization of cannabis, designers are employing these plants creatively to produce everything from high-end clothing to daily items. 

But hemp and cannabis are also assisting in dispelling stereotypes and altering how we view cannabis usage, so it's not only about sustainability and adaptability. 

This article will look at how hemp and cannabis are influencing the fashion industry and how cannabis-themed clothing is assisting in dispelling myths and promoting a more positive perception of the cannabis culture. 

Join us as we investigate the fascinating world of hemp and cannabis in fashion.

Cannabis and Hemp in Fashion

Although both cannabis and hemp are species of the Cannabis sativa plant, their chemical compositions are different. THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is present in relatively small amounts in hemp, whereas it is present in considerably greater quantities in cannabis. As a result, hemp is grown legally throughout much of the world and is frequently utilized in the textile industry. 

Hemp's resilience is one of the factors contributing to its popularity as a fabric for apparel and accessories. In comparison to many other materials, hemp fibers are more durable and stronger than cotton fibers. In addition, hemp has a built-in resistance to pests, so it requires fewer pesticides and herbicides than other crops, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. 

Contrarily, cannabis continues to be largely prohibited in many parts of the world. However, designers are beginning to experiment with utilizing cannabis in their works because of the legalization of cannabis in several nations and states. Cannabis fibers are better for use in garments since they are softer and lighter than hemp fibers. 

Both hemp and cannabis are being used by designers to make a variety of garments and accessories. T-shirts, jeans, and footwear made of hemp are a few examples. From hats and scarves to jewelry and handbags that contain cannabis, cannabis is being utilized to make a variety of products.

How Cannabis & Hemp are Changing the Industry

The fashion business is altering in several ways as a result of the use of hemp and cannabis. In the first place, it supports environmental sustainability and kindness. Designers are lessening their environmental effect and producing more ecologically friendly goods by utilizing these materials. As customers grow more conscious of the need for sustainable fashion, this is becoming more and more crucial. 


Second, the utilization of these materials is assisting in dispelling preconceived notions about cannabis use. Although cannabis has long been linked with counterculture and revolt, fashion designers are demonstrating that it can also be utilized in chic and fashionable ways. This is assisting in altering public perceptions of cannabis and promoting its increased social acceptability. 

And last, the fashion business is seeing innovation because to the utilization of hemp and cannabis. Designers are utilizing these materials in novel and inventive ways due to their extreme versatility. New fabrics, treatments, and processes are being created as a result, which is advancing the sector.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Beyond the aforementioned benefits of employing cannabis and hemp as a textile in design, it is also possible to argue that cannabis-themed clothing, or "canna-apparel," is assisting in dispelling unfavorable perceptions connected to cannabis usage. 

Cannabis-themed clothing can aid in fostering a more favorable perception of the cannabis culture. Designers contribute to the development of a culture where cannabis use is viewed as normal and acceptable by producing goods that glorify its usage. This may aid in eradicating the long-standing stigma attached to cannabis usage and inspire more people to learn about its numerous advantages. 

Additionally, wearing clothing with cannabis themes might foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among cannabis users. Cannabis is more than simply a recreational substance for many individuals; it is a way of life. Designers are fostering a feeling of community among cannabis users by producing goods that honor cannabis culture. This may aid in removing the obstacles that have long existed between cannabis users and the rest of society and foster a culture that is more welcoming and inclusive.

Brands Leading the Way

In recent years, a number of firms have appeared that advocate hemp and cannabis-infused apparel. One such company is HEMPY'S, which was established in 1995 and focuses on hemp-based, eco-friendly clothes. T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and bags are just a few of the many items that HEMPY'S sells that are all produced from hemp fibers. 

Higher Standards, which sells a variety of clothing and accessories for smokers, is another brand that has become more well-known in recent years. T-shirts, caps, and hoodies are all part of the company's clothing range, all of which include cannabis-themed graphics. The fashionable and useful designs of Higher Standards' goods make them a preferred option among cannabis consumers. 

The Hemponair is a well-known company that produces handcrafted hemp clothes and accessories. All the company's items are created from premium hemp fibers and are built to last for a very long time. T-shirts, coats, caps, and bags made by The Hemponair all have distinctive designs that honor cannabis culture. 

These are just a handful of the many companies marketing hemp and cannabis clothes. We can anticipate seeing many more labels launch in the upcoming years, each with their own distinctive spin on this trend, as the use of these materials in fashion continues to increase. There is bound to be a business out there that meets your needs, whether you use cannabis or are just interested in ecological clothes.

Beyond Fashion: Cannabis, Hemp & CBD in Beauty

Cannabis and hemp have had a huge influence on the cosmetics business as well, not just in the fashion sector. Beauty products made from hemp, CBD, and cannabis are dispelling myths about these materials and highlighting their adaptability. More and more beauty companies are adding cannabis into their products as cannabis's legalization and acceptability grow. 

Cannabis is a great component for skincare products because of its well-known anti-inflammatory qualities. A component of cannabis called CBD has become more well-known in recent years due to its potential medical uses. CBD-infused cosmetics are becoming more and more well-liked, with companies like Lord Jones and Herbivore Botanicals setting the trend. 

Another well-liked component in cosmetics is hemp seed oil, which is made from the hemp plant. Fatty acid-rich hemp seed oil has been demonstrated to provide hydrating and anti-aging effects. Hemp seed oil is a component of many cosmetic goods, including face creams and body lotions, from companies like The Body Shop and Kiehl's. By highlighting the adaptability of cannabis and hemp and demonstrating that they are more than simply recreational substances commonly linked with the classic "stoner" stereotype, these businesses are assisting in the dismantling of misconceptions.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis and hemp are adaptable and environmentally friendly materials that are being creatively employed in the fashion industry. Additionally, wearing clothing with cannabis-related themes contributes to dispelling unfavorable perceptions about cannabis usage and promoting a more positive view of the cannabis community. It seems possible that we will see even more cannabis-themed clothing in the fashion industry and elsewhere as society accepts cannabis usage on a wider scale. Besides being environmentally friendly, the use of these materials in fashion encourages a society that is more welcoming and inclusive.















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Copywriter at CanMar

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