Covid & Cannabis: Study Shows Cannabis Users Show Less Severe Symptoms

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According to a recent study, cannabis users are less likely to experience severe COVID symptoms.
Cannabis users had lower levels of inflammation and were less likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit.

Cannabis users may experience less severe Covid-19 infections and require less hospital care overall.
At least one recent study, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, claims as much.

The Research

The authors of the study examined patients from two hospitals in Los Angeles. Only 4% of the 1,831 Covid-19 patients studied had active cannabis usage, according to the data they collected on them (69 people).

In addition, the authors emphasized that more study on the topic is required to determine whether their findings are reliable given their small sample size. Additionally, they stated that there was no statistically significant difference in the survival rates of cannabis users compared to non-users.

Despite this, the authors did claim that cannabis users had a lower likelihood of needing an ICU admission or a ventilator. Here is a summary of the authors’ analysis of the patient data:
• NIH Covid-19 Severity Score Comparison
• The demand for oxygen provided to a patient
• Access to the ICU
• Ventilators are required.
• Duration of hospitalization

The Results

Using the aforementioned information, the writers discovered what follows:
• When compared to non-users, cannabis users had considerably lower NIH scores (5.1 to 6.0)
• Cannabis users spent 4 days on average in the hospital, compared to 6 days for non-users.
• 12% of cannabis users and 31% of non-users were admitted to the ICU, respectively.
• Compared to 17% of non-users, just 6% of cannabis users needed a ventilator.

The researchers hypothesized that cannabis users might experience Covid-19 less severely. Again, this is only a recommendation, especially given that only 4% of the study’s participants reported using cannabis regularly.

Nevertheless, the researchers raised a compelling point. They discussed how marijuana’s therapeutic advantages, medical effects, and healing characteristics may help cannabis users experience less unfavorable Covid-19 symptoms.

This includes terpenes’ and cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, when top-notch cannabinoids and terpenes are supplied and act in concert to support the user in achieving their desired result, the entourage effect occurs.

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