MAY 19, 2023

Debunking the Top Myths About Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

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Experienced professionals in the cannabis field understand that working in the industry does not mean being paid to get high contrary to what some may assume. In reality working in the cannabis space is similar to any industry. Using cannabis during work hours is unacceptable. There is a great deal of hard work involved especially with ever changing regulations. As a result, recruiting and working in the cannabis industry present their challenges. 

It’s widely known that the cannabis industry has experienced growth in recent years with more countries, states and territories legalizing its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. As this industry continues to expand so does the demand for professionals. 

However there are still misconceptions about hiring practices within the cannabis industry. In this blog post we aim to dispel some of these myths and provide insight into what it's truly like to work in this field. 

Myth #1: Cannabis companies exclusively hire individuals who use cannabis 

One misconception about hiring within the cannabis industry is that companies only recruit individuals who're regular users of cannabis. This assumption couldn't be further from reality. 

Cannabis companies like any business are seeking qualified and professional individuals who can contribute to their growth. They are interested in hiring individuals with skills, education and experience regardless of their cannabis usage. 

Myth #2: It’s illegal to work in the cannabis industry

Another misconception surrounding the cannabis industry is its legality. While cannabis remains federally illegal in the US and certain parts of the world many states, countries and territories have legalized it for recreational purposes. Consequently, cannabis companies operating within these jurisdictions adhere to the laws and regulations as any other legitimate business. Employees working for these companies are not violating any laws. 

Myth #3: The cannabis industry is exclusively for “stoners” 

Another prevalent misconception about the cannabis industry is that it solely caters to “stoners” or those interested in using cannabis. This notion lacks truth. It also undermines the entire industry’s credibility. The cannabis sector encompasses a range of professionals from backgrounds such as scientists, marketers and various other fields. The industry is heavily regulated so employees are expected to maintain standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. 

Myth #4; Prior experience is necessary to secure a job in the cannabis industry

This misconception is not entirely accurate and may discourage some job seekers from applying for cannabis related positions. While having experience can be beneficial it's important to note that the cannabis industry is still relatively new. Many employers are in the process of developing their hiring strategies and onboarding procedures. Consequently they are often open to training individuals with skills from industries who have a strong desire to learn and contribute within the cannabis sector. Therefore, candidates should not hesitate to apply for jobs simply because they lack industry experience

Myth #5; Working in the cannabis industry is unsafe 

Another myth surrounding working in the cannabis industry revolves around perceived danger. This misconception likely arises from the fact that cannabis remains illegal at the federal level leading some people to believe that those employed in this field face risks such as law enforcement raids. However, as we've already established companies operating legally within states adhere to laws and regulations, like any legitimate business. Working in the cannabis industry doesn't pose any risks, just as working in any field. 

Dispelling Misconceptions about Career Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry 

The cannabis industry presents reasons to consider a career within its rapidly expanding workforce. We encourage you to make a decision based on the myths we have debunked above. Just like cannabis enthusiasts successfully challenged perceptions surrounding prohibition, those employed in the cannabis industry are reshaping attitudes towards themselves. They are not stoners seeking a path to wealth; instead, they are a committed and diverse group of individuals pursuing financial stability while following their passion for the cannabis plant. 

CanMar: Assisting You in Finding Your Ideal Job within the Cannabis Industry 

At our core we understand that a company’s success relies heavily on its people's quality. That's why we take care to evaluate and screen candidates ensuring that only those who align with your company's values and requirements are presented to you. Since 2017 we have specialized in connecting candidates with opportunities in the cannabis, hemp and psychedelics sectors cultivating partnerships within this realm. 

We handle the legwork so you can focus on what matters. Our team of recruitment partners focuses on the Cannabis and Psychedelics Industry. They possess knowledge, in vertical markets enabling them to dedicate their time to finding the perfect professionals for your needs. If you wish to explore please visit our website. Schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists. 

Moreover, allow us to assist you in turning your cannabis career aspirations into reality by applying for one of our positions

The Bottom Line: 

In summary the cannabis industry is a business sector that presents employment opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. While there may still be myths and misconceptions about hiring within this industry it is crucial to approach it with an open mind and distinguish fact, from fiction. By doing we can contribute to building a sustainable industry that benefits all stakeholders involved. 


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