JUNE 27, 2022

If You Want To Work In – Or Need To Hire In – Canada’s Rising Cannabis Industry, Here’s Why CanMar Recruitment Is Your Go-To Recruitment Firm

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Careers in the cannabis industry are in hot pursuit as Canada prepares itself for recreational legalization in the Summer of 2018. This highly anticipated, economy-changing legalization is expected to greatly benefit Canada’s economy, and is expected to help reduce unemployment with its estimated 150,000 new jobs.
Business owners are looking forward to capitalizing on the rising cannabis industry as they gear up for legal, licensed sales of recreational (and medicinal) cannabis.
Job seekers can expect to be presented with unique, challenging, dynamic and exciting opportunities to work in the cannabis industry, complete with competitive salaries that are comparable to the lucrative salaries in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Who are we?

CanMar Recruitment is dedicated to serving Canada’s cannabis industry. We specialize in providing high-quality recruitment and business solutions to licensed producers and cannabis business owners. In addition to providing expert recruitment services to cannabis businesses, we also work with eager job-seekers who are keen to start a career in Canada’s thriving cannabis industry.

Founded in 2017, CanMar Recruitment aims to help both employers and employees navigate the job market ahead of the anticipated legalization of cannabis this summer. With a keen understanding of the Canadian cannabis market, and our finger on the pulse of cannabis news, we are the specialists you’ll want to work with.

How do we help job-seekers?

We introduce job-seekers to career opportunities in the cannabis industry. First, we review each job-seeker’s individual skills, assets and experience, before setting up an interview. All job-seekers can rest assured that the career opportunities we present them with will be within established, government-approved, and licensed cannabis businesses.

It’s important to note that we believe employee diversity is vital to the success of any business. A team with diverse social, cultural and professional backgrounds provides companies with a competitive advantage.

We also offer the job-seeker interview tips, insightful feedback, and continual support during their job search. We bridge introductions and present them with career opportunities that they may not otherwise have gotten without our help. Since CanMar Recruitment has established relationships with leading cannabis business-owners, the job-seeker can feel certain that working with CanMar will only expedite the process of landing their dream job in the alternative medicine and cannabis industries.

How do we help businesses?

A business has the best shot at success if they have secured talented, dedicated and skilled staff. CanMar Recruitment is uniquely positioned to meet the rising demand for qualified employees in Canada’s cannabis industry. We provide our clients with top-quality services and we always exceed their expectations.

We know that for your business to operate successfully in this new and thriving industry, you need top-quality staff on your team. Our team of recruitment specialists use strategies based on a targeted and personalized approach, and we listen to each client’s individual needs before setting out on a mission to find the perfect people to fill their open positions. Our strengths lie in placing top-quality individuals in a variety of jobs across the legalized cannabis sector, and since we specialize in cannabis recruitment, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and news when it comes to Canada’s cannabis sector. We have in-depth knowledge of the Canadian cannabis market and where it’s heading.

To ensure we find you the right candidates to add to your team, CanMar Recruitment will work closely with you to understand your specific goals and requirements. We will then arrange and conduct interviews with potential candidates, in essence screening them for you to ensure they meet your needs in terms of experience, skill, passion, loyalty, and relevant education. We’ll also conduct thorough reference checks, psychometric tests and skill assessments, before sending them to interview with you.

Why should one consider a professional career in (or a business endeavour in) the cannabis industry?

Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis is confirmed nationwide for Summer of 2018. Early predictions estimate the retail market to be valued between $5.5 and $5.8 annually. Already, Canada has more than 85 government-authorized, licensed producers, and that number is expected to exponentially increase. With legalization only a few short months away, the industry is readying itself to meet the rise in demand. The creation of jobs in the cannabis sector is necessary to fulfill the needs of the market, so those who pursue a career in cannabis will have an abundance of opportunity at their fingertips. Not only is the cannabis industry lucrative, but it’s also a dynamic and unique industry. Needless to say, it’s incredible if you get to work in an industry that is making waves, and making history for Canada.

While some businesses will focus on recreational cannabis sales, other businesses will produce cannabis and provide quality-assurance testing, and other businesses will focus on spreading the word on the wellness and health benefits of cannabis. Since cannabis is a natural remedy for several health conditions, it goes without saying that some businesses will opt to focus on the healing and medicinal side of marketing. It goes without saying that there are plenty of different business opportunities in this sector, all of which have ample opportunity to greatly succeed.

Contact us today!

If you are seeking to fill roles ahead of legalization, and seeking out talented staff for your approved cannabis business, e-mail us at info@canmarrecruitment.com to set up a consultation. If you are a job-seeker with a passion for the cannabis industry, check out our current job postings at www.canmarrecruitment.com/jobs and apply online, today!

CanMar Recruitmentis passionate about helping you reach your full potential. Whether we help your business succeed by fulfilling your recruitment requirements, or we help you land your dream job in the cannabis industry, we’ve got you.

We find the perfect people for the jobs, and the perfect jobs for the people.

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