JULY 7, 2022

Jim Belushi Takes the Cannabis World by Storm

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Belushi claims to be a ‘changed man’ following his time working on his cannabis farm.

With the cannabis sector seeing somewhat of a zeitgeist in recent years it is no surprise that celebrities are leaping to jump on the bandwagon, with many turning to capitalize on the industry. While it often seems like many of the celebrity projects are little more than a quick cash grab, some famous personalities are doing real work and have truly established themselves as contributing members of the global cannabis community.

Case in point: actor, singer, and comedian Jim Belushi.

When it comes to Belushi’s involvement in the community, cannabis is personal. In fact, his personal brand has even undergone a significant turnaround.

His Twitter account is dedicated to cannabis activism and serves as a reminder of the industry’s numerous injustices.

In terms of his relationship with cannabis, Belushi stated on Twitter that the plant has helped him heal from trauma. He even considers raising the plant to be a “mission from God.”

Belushi’s late brother, John, died of a heroin overdose in 1982. Reflecting, Belushi expressed, “If my brother John was a pothead, he’d still be with us today.”

Read on to learn more about Belushi’s Farm, his efforts in advocacy, and the actor’s Discovery reality series, Growing Belushi, dedicated to his efforts in cannabis.

Belushi’s Farm

Belushi got into cannabis farming purely by chance. He purchased a property along the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, which, to his surprise, is located in what is known as the “banana belt.” In this area there is a vortex formed like a large banana leaf that is ideal for producing wine, pears, and cannabis. When the 80-acre property behind Belushi’s property became available for purchase, he wondered, “What the heck do I grow now?”

When cannabis became legal in Oregon, Belushi jumped at the opportunity for a new agricultural endeavor. After discussing the notion with fellow actor Dan Aykroyd, Aykroyd put Belushi in touch with Captain Jack, the old pot supplier for Saturday Night Live, who had a strain he brought back from the Kush Mountains in 1972.

Belushi started growing Captain Jack’s strain. “Once you begin your adventure with this plant, she will take you along for the voyage,” said Belushi. His farming efforts amplified and now he has four light-deprived greenhouses that generate 1600 pounds of produce every year, and is expanding into other states such as Colorado and Oklahoma.

Belushi now considers himself an actor/farmer.

Belushi’s Farm relies on natural sunlight for development and thorough testing to guarantee that each strain meets Belushi’s and the consumer’s expectations.

Although it’s a great recreational product, Belushi passionately believes in its medicinal potential.

According to the Belushi’s Farm website, “Every time I cultivate the soil, I am drawn further and deeper into the medicine and the joy of this job.”

He goes on to say that believing in the “spirit and medicine cannabis brings” may cure the globe, our communities, families, and people suffering from a variety of ailments.

Advocacy Efforts

Belushi’s cannabis advocacy activities extend well beyond his personal cannabis farm.

In fact, he is adamant that cannabis inmates are the true industry pioneers.

In a few interviews, he’s discussed his collaboration with The Last Prisoner Project, a group that helps cannabis inmates be released and re-enter society and the workforce.

With 40,000 cannabis inmates behind bars for actions that are now legal, Belushi whole-heartedly supports the LPP and its efforts to clear all cannabis-related records.

Belushi even delivered the keynote address at the first Grow Up Conference & Expo in British Columbia in June.

So, why has Belushi become such an advocate for the cannabis industry?

As Belushi articulates, everyone knows someone who is going through a difficult time. Whether it’s parents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, arthritis, significant trauma and PTSD, those who can’t sleep, those experiencing seizures, opiate addicts, epilepsy; the list could quite literally go on indefinitely.

These illnesses and catastrophes shatter families, perpetuating the trauma. Everyone requires medicine in some form or another to treat everything from injured muscles to hospice. According to Belushi, all of these traumas can be soothed and healed by cannabis.

He truly believes in the therapeutic potential of this plant. “I’m not saying there aren’t beneficial and useful pharmaceutical medications available, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a drink every now and again. But I’m saying that when you overuse those drugs as a result of the constant fight, it creeps into a family like a snake and slowly strangles until someone dies, like my brother John,” he adds.

Furthermore, Belushi notes that cannabis has assisted his own healing journey in dealing with PTSD.

“Every day, I hear and see stories of other families whose lives have been transformed by this plant,” he concludes.

Different Strains for Different Folks

Currently, Belushi’s Farm has about twenty distinct genotypes in their collection.

Additionally they can grow up to eight genotypes at once in their new GroTech greenhouses. They reportedly have a lot of leeway with four cycles and four greenhouses.

Growing Belushi on Discovery

Those wanting to learn more about the work the actor is doing on his farm as well as his efforts in advocacy can get an inside glimpse into all the behind the scenes action on his Discovery Channel series Growing Belushi.

The show follows Belushi, his family, and farmers as they tend to his 93-acre farm along the Rogue River in southern Oregon. It is produced by Live Nation Productions, the Gaga: Five Foot Two producer and A Star Is Born co-producer, and Original Productions, the producer of Deadliest Catch and spin-off Deadliest Catch: Bloodline.

Cameos include Dan Aykroyd, Judy Belushi, and Guy Fieri as well as a musical performance by The Blues Brothers.

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