SEPTEMBER 16, 2023

Stay Updated with Industry Events: CanMar Hub’s Event Calendar

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CanMar Hub is excited to present a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals alike who are interested in attending events within the cannabis and psychedelics sector to enhance their event experience through our cutting-edge platform. With CanMar Hub’s Event Calendar, you can own virtual real-estate and leverage our community-building features to join a thriving event ecosystem. Picture this: your event, right at your attendees’ fingertips, with the CanMar Hub app, where every moment is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. 

The Importance of Industry Events  

Attending cannabis and psychedelics industry events, webinars, and conferences are particularly significant given the dynamic nature of this sector. Whether you're involved in research, advocacy, or business within the cannabis and psychedelics industries, read on to learn how these types of events contribute to professional growth and networking: 

In-Depth Industry Knowledge 

Expert Insights: Events often feature leading scientists, researchers, and industry experts who share the latest findings, developments, and regulatory changes in the cannabis and psychedelics field. 

Legislative Updates: Given the evolving legal landscape, staying updated on regulatory changes is crucial for producing accurate and informative content.

Skill Enhancement 

Scientific Understanding: For professionals involved in research or product development, conferences provide opportunities to delve into the pharmacology, therapeutic potential, and safety aspects of cannabis and psychedelics. 

Business and Marketing Skills: For those in the business side of the industry, events offer sessions on marketing, branding, and market analysis, which are essential for success in a competitive market. 

Networking Opportunities 

Connect with Industry Players: Industry events attract a diverse audience, including professionals from various sectors like healthcare, research, and advocacy. Networking can lead to collaborations, and various business opportunities. 

Access to Funding: Networking at these events can connect you with investors and venture capitalists interested in the cannabis and psychedelics sectors, offering potential sources of funding for your projects. 

Awareness of Trends and Emerging Markets 

Market Insights: Professionals in the cannabis and psychedelics industry need to stay informed about market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging markets. Conferences often provide market analysis and insights. 

Global Perspectives: These events attract international participants, giving you a broader perspective on global trends and regulatory developments. 

Features of CanMar Hub's Event Calendar 

Enjoy the user-friendly interface as you reserve your booth at conferences, buy tickets, view the lined up speakers and see who else will be attending. 

The event calendar feature on CanMar Hub allows you to browse through a selection of international cannabis and psychedelics events in the industry. There are a variety of B2B events to peruse, which are fundamental in fostering strategic partnerships and facilitating valuable industry collaborations. These events serve as a platform where your business can interact with others and potentially form beneficial partnerships. Various B2C events are also listed, which provides your business with an ideal platform to interact directly with consumers. These events are pivotal for enhancing customer relationships, generating leads, and showcasing products.  

How CanMar Hub's Event Calendar Differs from Others

Virtual Real-Estate Ownership

By listing your event on the CanMar Hub calendar, we offer companies and businesses the chance to establish a private group, granting you exclusive virtual real-estate. This space serves as an extension of your brand, providing a centralized hub for all event-related activities. 

Selling Opportunities

  • Ticket Sales: Seamlessly sell event tickets within your official CanMar Hub group, eliminating the need for external ticketing platforms. 

  • Booths and Sponsorships: Create a marketplace for exhibitors and sponsors to book booths and sponsorships directly through CanMar Hub, streamlining the sales process. 

Audience Engagement

  • Community Building: Utilize CanMar Hub's community features to keep attendees, speakers, delegates, and exhibitors engaged year-round. Foster a sense of belonging within the group. 

  • Promotion: Promote your events within your CanMar Hub group. Leverage your existing community to generate buzz, share updates, and drive ticket sales. 

  • Member Discounts: Offer exclusive discounts to existing members for upcoming events, enhancing member loyalty and incentivizing repeat attendance. 

  • Year-Round Community: Nurture your online community even when events are not running. Keep members engaged, informed, and excited about upcoming activities and industry developments. 

  • Exclusive Competitions and Offers: Provide group members with special access to competitions, giveaways, and promotional in-app-only offers. Create a sense of exclusivity and reward for your community, driving higher engagement levels.

How to Make the Most of CanMar Hub's Event Calendar 

We use hashtags in CanMar Hub to bring together posts on popular topics so they can be easily searched for when you need to find something. Use our official CanMar hashtags (#events) to search content related to events that you are interested in. To list your event, simply send us a request at 


We’re here to support and guide you at every step – from aligning your goals with the most relevant events, to measuring your success. Check out CanMar Hub's Event Calendar and explore and engage in the hottest industry events across the globe. 

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Monique Demes

Copywriter at CanMar

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