JUNE 27, 2022

The 5 Sectors of the Cannabis Industry

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The industry is booming and the landscape is always shifting. With the rapid growth and legalization of Cannabis, the opportunities available are endless. More and more research is being conducted to learn about the benefits of Cannabis in our lives and our communities. At the same time, numerous companies are hiring for different positions throughout to match the growing demand. If you’re interested in starting a career in Cannabis but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

We created a list of the 5 major sectors in the industry to make it easier for you to discover where you would thrive the most.

Licensed Producers (LP)

Put simply, a licensed producer is an individual or establishment that grows, harvests, dries, trims, cures and packages cannabis.1 They require state or municipal licenses to operate and sell live plants and seeds. The cannabis they produce can be sold to wholesale facilities for retail distribution.


Laboratories focus on testing cannabis for residual solvents, physical and microbial contamination, potency and terpenes through a series of comprehensive scientific procedures.2 Testing plays a major role in the legalization of cannabis as they ensure that the products distributed are safe to consume and the proper dosages for them are allocated.3


Cannabis retailers are what people are most accustomed to. They are the shops where people usually purchase cannabis and cannabis products. Retailers are licensed to sell cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.


Hemp refers to the industrial, non-drug variant of Cannabis. This sector focuses on the growth, harvest, and cultivation of Hemp for fiber, hurd and seeds to create a variety of products such as hemp seed oil, apparel, paper, plastics, animal bedding, and many more.4


The Equipment sector focuses on designing and producing instruments that are essential in successfully growing cannabis. These equipment include grow tents, grow lights, climate control apparatuses, monitoring appliances, and extractors.5

Many of the opportunities available in the industry can be transferred from one sector to another – even one industry to another. Growers can work for both licensed producers and hemp; engineers can work in labs, equipment and LP sectors; and many more. What matters most is passion and dedication to the work you do as most companies will offer training to help you succeed in your career. The complexities of the industry can be learned along the way, but the drive and determination to do well comes with you.

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