JUNE 17, 2022

The Influence of Social Media on Cannabis Normalization

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Social media and it’s influence on society are indisputable. From TikTok trends to handy life hacks, the line between how we live our lives on and offline continues to blur.

Even formerly stigmatized industries are turning to socials to get their message across on the global stage.

So, is the cannabis industry starting to rely on influencers to promote safe, healthy, and mindful ways to use the plant? The simple answer is yes.

Here’s how social media is eradicating cannabis stigmas and normalizing our community, even while content producers are flagged for advocating drug use.


Cannabis users have been portrayed negatively for decades. Cannabis consumers were never the winners from the various anti-weed commercials or Reagan’s war on drugs.

However, with the era of social media and the internet, we can connect with specific communities such as cannabis users and discuss.

  • Shared encounters

  • Our individual motivations for utilizing cannabis

  • The advantages of cannabis use

More Eyes

Unfortunately, most major social media networks still do not allow cannabis material. Many businesses, influencers, and companies have faced difficulties, such as:

  • Shadowbanning

  • Having their account removed

  • Being reported for improper drug-related content

However, the majority of these social media difficulties exist in nations where cannabis is federally outlawed.

From a Canadian standpoint, social media marketing for your company has become essential.

Not only is social media the most widely utilized medium for news, information, and more, but it also has the potential to promote useful cannabis material to individuals who have never tried it before and want to understand how they might benefit.


The normalization of cannabis awaits.

In the United States, companies and cannabis account holders on social media continue to be reported for drug consumption.

Even in places where cannabis is legal, social media platforms like Instagram refuse to promote a federally prohibited narcotic.

Cannabis influencers in legalized states may get away with publicizing how they use cannabis in their daily lives rather than promoting cannabis items.

Cannabis influencers all across the world are making a big difference. They are assisting in the eradication of the stigma by dispelling the myth that cannabis is a hippie, male-dominated narcotic.

Instead, displaying a visually beautiful cannabis-infused lifestyle changes how society perceives pot users.

Surprisingly, the majority of cannabis content makers are women.

In a variety of ways, social media has aided the cannabis community. Above all, it has served to shine new and refreshing light on individuals who utilize it.

With the never-ending study into cannabis and its advantages, we’re finally moving closer to normalizing cannabis usage not only in our community, but globally.

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