SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

The Revolution in Cannabis and Psychedelics Networking: Introducing CanMar Hub

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In an effort to unite the world's cannabis and psychedelics community, CanMar has introduced a brand-new social tech platform: the CanMar Hub. Positioned to become a central hub for the global cannabis and psychedelics community and industry, the app offers various features such as networking, B2B deals, a global business directory, industry events, marketplace and education.

While cannabis and psychedelics remain controlled substance in most jurisdictions, the demand for these products continues to grow. The CanMar Hub aims to revolutionize networking in the industry by offering users invaluable access to knowledge, collaboration opportunities with industry experts, regulatory updates, market insights and professional support. 

The Need for Networking in Cannabis and Psychedelics 

Networking in the niche industry of cannabis and psychedelics can be both rewarding and challenging due to the unique characteristics and regulations associated with these fields. Networking challenges include legal and regulatory complexities, limited industry events, and a limited access to traditional banking and financial services. Despite growing acceptance, there is still a certain stigma associated with both cannabis and psychedelics, which means that some professionals are hesitant to openly network due to fear of judgment or negative perceptions from others. 

A dedicated digital platform for industry-specific networking in the cannabis and psychedelics space is thus of utmost importance. A platform such as this serves as an essential tool for professionals, offering access to niche knowledge, market insights, a range of business opportunities and the ability to search for individuals based on their specific roles, expertise, or interests within the industry. A tech platform also provides the unique opportunity to connect with professionals on a global level, which would otherwise not be possible. 

Features of CanMar Hub for Networking 

Since cannabis and psychedelics is a fairly new industry, legally speaking, many businesses need help connecting with entities to market their products. The CanMar Hub offers a safe space where like-minded enthusiasts can interact, and companies can educate their audience about their products. It’s also a censorship-free platform where newbies can learn more about the industry. 

App users will have the opportunity to connect and network with individuals and businesses on a global scale by connecting with them through the member directory. More specifically, they will be able to use the directory to search for specific people/businesses, and then click on their profiles to reach out to them.  

By partnering with various event companies, CanMar Hub provides its users with exclusive networking opportunities. Features such as live webinars and cooking shows give members a further chance to interact and network with others in the community.  

Additional benefits include being able to share one’s thoughts and creating posts in the community to start conversations. 

After signing up, members are encouraged to fill out the details of their personal or business profile on the app. This makes it easier for others in the commnity to learn about one other and facilitates creating connections. Areas to be completed in a personal profile include what city you live in, the role you play in the community, the company you work for and your role/title. In a business profile, app users are able to share their business name and address, the type of business they are, contact details and business links.  

How to Become a Beta Tester for CanMar Hub 

To become a beta tester for CanMar Hub, users just need to sign up for the app. The download links are as follows:  

It’s important to remember to complete one’s profile and verify your chosen email address. As a beta tester, users can provide feedback and help make the CanMar Hub the best it can be so an unparalleled experience can be had by all. 


If you want to keep up with the latest cannabis and psychedelics news, hot trends and innovative products, we invite you to download the CanMar Hub app, sign up, and become a member of our community. Join now and become a part of the revolution, connect with other cannabis lovers and get in touch with industry experts and profit from their expertise. The CanMar Hub is the perfect place to provide your business with the ability to engage your customers, while offering consumers direct access to products and brands without the hassle of censorship. 

Click here to join up: 


Monique Demes

Copywriter at CanMar

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