MAY 27, 2022

The World’s Weirdest Weed Laws

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When it comes to global cannabis legalities, there are many disparities from country to country, whether it be in terms of recreational use or medicinal laws. But some places are taking their weed laws to the next level.

The bottom line? Cannabis laws around the world are not all created equally. In fact, in some regions, the laws are downright bizarre.

It’s certainly not commonplace to find a region that limits cannabis advertising to phone books, or areas that, quite literally, leave dispensaries in the dark.

Read on to learn more about some of the world’s weirdest weed laws and regulations, some of which you may have a hard time believing actually exist in the first place.

Nepal’s One-Day Anomaly

In Nepal, cannabis is illegal, it has been for over half a century. However, in a somewhat paradoxical turn of events, Nepalese practicing Hindu religion have been using cannabis for centuries. As part of their religious rituals, the Nepalese Hindus utilize the herb to stimulate:

  • Deep self-rumination and introspection

  • Meditation and meditative thoughts

  • Personal growth and evolution

The Maha Shivaratri festival, a ceremony honoring the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, serves as the one exception to the rule. During the festival, individuals practicing Hinduism are permitted to consume hashish, a blend of:

  • Cannabis resin

  • Other herbs

  • Tobacco (occasionally)

The sole occasion that cannabis is legal in Nepal is during the Maha Shivaratri festival.

Who You Gonna Call? Delaware Cannabis

Cannabis for medical use was legalized in Delaware in 2011 but trying to find a medical cannabis dispensary in the state is not as simple as you might think.

In fact, Delaware’s laws around cannabis dispensary advertising are so strange that many people might be completely unaware that these businesses even exist.

While states like California and countries like Canada have begun to champion cannabis marketing, in a plethora of marketing channels, such as online; on the radio; and in magazines and news publications, cannabis in Delaware remains in a sort of limbo.

The state continues to sweep cannabis under the proverbial rug by limiting advertising to directories and phone books.

The number of people still consulting the Yellow Pages in the online era seems negligible. If you’re in Delaware and looking for a medical cannabis dispensary, perhaps borrowing your grandparents phonebook would be the wisest option.

Connecticut Cannabis Remains in the Dark

In Connecticut, although cannabis has been decriminalized and medical use is completely legal, the state has some pretty dark restrictions when it comes to cannabis advertising. Quite literally.

Legal medical cannabis dispensaries are prohibited from advertising their businesses with illuminated signage.

Dispensaries are permitted to use printed signage, but bright, electronic advertisements are strictly forbidden by law.

So, if you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary in Connecticut after the sun goes down, you may need to bring along a flashlight.

The Great Contradiction in Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States has several strange laws surrounding the use and distribution of cannabis. This is particularly baffling considering cannabis is legal in Washington, D.C. both medically and recreationally.

Some of the weirdest weed regulations concerning medical cannabis in the nation’s capital:

  • It is illegal to sell medical cannabis where gasoline is sold

  • It is illegal to sell medical cannabis where cars and automobiles are repaired

Although these laws may seem arbitrary, perhaps they have been enforced to deter cannabis users from driving under the influence.

While buying and selling cannabis recreationally is illegal in Washington D.C., it is not uncustomary for business to utilize giveaways as a means of bypassing the legalities involved with monetary exchange.

In Jamaica Only Rastafarians Can Use Legally

Although cannabis has been decriminalized in Jamaica, and the associations with stoner icon Bob Marley may conjure up visions of hazy, smoke cloud-filled vacations, the cannabis laws on the island are anything but laissez faire.

As a tourist, or even a local in Jamaica fines will be issued if you are caught using cannabis in the country. However, there is one exception to the rule – Rastafarians, because of the link between spirituality and cannabis in the Rastafari religion, are permitted to use the plant without being fined.

Indeed, because cannabis is considered a holy and sacred plant to individuals practicing Rastafarianism, the Jamaican government has laws that exempt these Rastafarians from cannabis laws.

The religion uses the plant for spiritual enlightenment and growth, often consumed through dishes, herbs/spices, and teas.

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