DECEMBER 15, 2021

TOP Weed Strains To Grow Indoors

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Some people prefer going to the closest dispensary and buy their marijuana there, while others are more passionate and interested in cannabis that they decide to plant their own. However, not everyone has a cannabis green thumb that can make great products from these plants. If you are interested in growing your cannabis seeds, you do not need to worry. Some strains are easier to care for than others.

In this article, we will share the most accessible marijuana strains that are great for first-time or commercial growers, beginners, and even experts. You will find both Sativa and Indica strains that are great even in extreme weather and produce ample and potent cannabis yields.

What to Consider When Picking Out a Cannabis Strain

The most important and challenging decision before growing your cannabis is determining the ideal strain, but because there are a lot of varieties, these also have different qualities. Nevertheless, regardless of which strain is the most ideal, you need to figure out your preferences and needs for marijuana.

  1. Blue Dream

Being the best-selling staple on the West Coast, Blue Dream is likely one of the easiest seeds to plant outdoors if you are a beginner. It is a 70% Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that can grow up to 4 meters. It grows vigorously, has great stature, and produces potent yields and quality buds.

When planted outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, Blue Dream can be harvested around October. It contains 19% THC and has fruity buds. During flowering, it stretches out a lot. If planted indoors, you can have the vegetative Blue Dream so that you can have an easier time managing the plant.

Blooming Period: 65 to 70 days

Seed Breeder: Humboldt Seed Organization

Pack Sizes: 3, 5, 10, or 25 seeds

Yields: 350 to 500g/m2 (indoors), 2 to kg/plant (outdoors)

2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a Sativa strain that originated from South Africa. During the 70s, it was introduced in Holland. Afterwards, this cannabis line was crossed with the genetics of South Africa Indica and naturally bred to improve quality. Durban Poison seeds from Dutch Passion can grow well outdoors or indoors.

Aside from thriving in different climates, cannabis plants are resistant to moulds. Therefore, beginner growers can plant this without any issue. This plant can grow more than 10 ft. tall until late September or early October. Users enjoy Durban Poison because its smoke gives them a strong, energetic, and trippy effect.

Blooming Period: 56 to 63 days

Seed Breeder: Dutch Passion

Pack Sizes: 1, 3, 5, or 10 seeds

Yields: 400 to 500 g/m2

3. Northern Lights

Today, the Northern Lights take up a huge chunk of the genetic strains in hybrid cannabis together with Haze and Skunk # 1, other primary cannabis strains.

The strains from Sensi Seeds are bred selectively by crossbreeding the genetics from the original NL-1, NL-2, and NL-5. These are the only 100% Northern Lights strains that still exist.

Northern Lights is the standard for reviewing other Indica strains. Moreover, it is dense, and blossoms fast. The flowers have dense, resin-filled buds that are the source of narcotic and potent effects.

Blooming Period: 6 to 7 weeks

Seed Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Pack Sizes: 3, 5, or 10 seeds

Yields: 450 to 500 g/m2

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4. Gelat OG

This cannabis strain from Seedsman is a combination of the genetics of Gelato and OG Kush, which are the top 2 very in-demand strains.

The seeds from this hybrid strain produce a lot of yields, blossoms quickly, and have yummy buds that are high in THC. Gelat.OG can be planted outdoors and indoors and can reach 7 feet.

When grown indoors, you can maintain the bushes at 3 to 4 feet. In cool temperatures during the final glowering weeks, the buds become purple. It can yield a lot of harvests from strong and resin-covered lemon, diesel, or pine buds with 25% THC.

Blooming Period: 55 to 60 days

Seed Breeder: Seedsman

Pack Sizes: 1, 3, 5, or 10 seeds

Yields: 400 to 600 g/m2

5. Blue Cheese

Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese is a stable mix of Blueberry and Cheese. Therefore, it has primo dank Indica florets that have an excellent fruity taste. The thick and healthy plants can be grown outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse.

Moreover, it finishes fast and reasonably resists powdery mildew and mould, considering it’s an Indica. Growers from cold climates such as Oregon enjoy planting Blue Cheese seeds. The buds have a light blue hue, a very cheesy smell, grade A bad charm, and a THC of 23%.

Blooming Period: 60 to 65 days

Seed Breeder: Big Buddha Seeds

Pack Sizes: 5, or 10 seeds

Yields: 400 to 500 g/m2 (indoors), more than 500 g/m2 (outdoors)

You’ll want to make sure you have the right spacing, lighting, food, and watering needs for the plant you’ve chosen. With the internet available at our fingertips, you have the resources and information to try anything you want. Whether you’re an expert or novice grower, there is always something to learn about maximizing your yield.

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