Gain Real Cannabis Expertise With CanMar's Level UP!

Level UP is an immersive training program tailored for Canadian budtenders. Our comprehensive curriculum delves into the intricate relationship between cannabis and the human body. Our program encompasses a wide range of topics, equipping budtenders with in-depth knowledge about cannabis cultivation, product manufacturing, and various consumption methods. Our focus is to enhance budtenders' communication skills, empowering them to engage with customers effectively and provide tailored recommendations for their specific needs.

Why Choose Level UP?

Industry-Leading Curriculum:

Dive deep into the world of cannabis, from its intricate relationship with the human body to its cultivation and consumption methods.

Tailored for Canadian Budtenders:

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, our program is crafted to meet your needs.

Empower Your Conversations:

Boost your communication prowess, enabling you to provide personalized recommendations to every customer.


NOW $325 CAD
  • Comprehensive e-Learning tailored for Canadian budtenders.

  • Courses include: Cannabis 201, LPs, Cannabis Products, & Cannabis Consumption.

  • Equip yourself with the latest in cannabis knowledge and stand out in the industry.


Tabitha Fritz

Creator of the Level-Up program

Tabitha has worked in many different roles in the Canadian cannabis industry: from her work as a budtender selling edibles at her own Fritz's Cannabis Company market table in the Canadian legacy market to Director of Cannabis Education for a legal cannabis retailer, Tabitha has developed a deep understanding of cannabis products, the Canadian consumer, and how to answer many different kinds of questions about cannabis.

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Student Reviews

Jaskaran B., Toka

Phenomenal training session. One of the best I've been involved with. Tabitha has an amazing way of explaining the process of cannabis. Awesome for someone with ADHD. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dry humour.

Vanessa L., Farmhouse

Amazing instruction. I have been a daily cannabis consumer for many years and have learned information today that I never even heard about. So much of this will not only be transferred to our customers but also will be put into my own use of cannabis from now on. Fantastic experience and great teaching!

Anonymous, Mihi

The interactive parts of the training where we integrated what we learned with our own knowledge made me feel more confident about recommending products to customers.