Unlock the Secrets of Cannabis Biology and Chemistry

Level UP is an immersive training program tailored for Canadian budtenders. Dive deep into the molecular world of cannabis and its interaction with the human body. Our curriculum covers everything from plant genetics to cannabinoid chemistry, equipping you with scientific knowledge that sets you apart.

Dive into the World of Cannabis Science

Industry-Leading Curriculum:
Explore the biology and chemistry of cannabis, from its genetic makeup to its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system.

Tailored for Canadian Budtenders:
Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, our program is scientifically designed to meet your needs.

Empower Your Conversations:
Boost your communication prowess with scientific facts, enabling you to provide evidence-based recommendations to every customer.


NOW $688 CAD
  • Comprehensive e-Learning tailored for Canadian budtenders.

  • Courses include: Cannabis Genetics, Cannabinoid Chemistry, Cannabis Pharmacology, & Advanced Consumption Methods.

  • Equip yourself with the latest in cannabis knowledge and stand out in the industry.

Dive into Cannabis Science Now

Tabitha Fritz

Creator of the Level-Up program

Tabitha is not just an industry expert; she's a cannabis scientist. From her research in cannabinoid chemistry to her deep understanding of the Canadian cannabis market, Tabitha is your guide to the scientific world of cannabis.

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Student Reviews

Jaskaran B., Toka

"Phenomenal training session. The scientific approach made it one of the best I've been involved with."

Vanessa L., Farmhouse

"Amazing instruction. I've been a cannabis consumer for years, but I learned things about its chemistry that I never knew before."

Anonymous, Mihi

The interactive parts of the training where we integrated what we learned with our own knowledge made me feel more confident about recommending products to customers.