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You've been a budtender in the cannabis space feeling pretty confident in your abilities. You're an avid consumer, and love everything about the plant, but let's face it, there's always room to grow... especially in this industry! You find that customers are coming into the store asking questions that make you feel as if you’ve had one too many edibles…You wonder…. Is there a resource that could help me boost sales, address customer questions in a way that makes me look like a total rock star and maybe even get a raise?

It is time for you to LEVEL UP.

Become the Expert

Industry-Leading Curriculum:
Immerse yourself in the art of cannabis, from selecting top-shelf strains to recommending the perfect pairings.

Tailored for Canadian Budtenders:
Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer, our program is finely crafted to elevate your expertise.

Customize Experiences:
Enhance your communication skills, enabling you to provide personalized recommendations to every customer and their needs. Build trust that ultimately drives repeat business.

Game Changer

NOW $488 CAD
  • E-Learning tailored for Canadian Budtenders.

    Courses in the bundle include:
    - A brief history of Cannabis in Canada,

    - Plant Strains and Genetics

    - The Endocannabinoid System

    - Cannabinoids

    - How to Close the Sale

    - The Basics of Cannabis Cultivation

    - Dried Cannabis Consumption

    - How to Sell Compliantly and other FAQ's

    - Understanding Terpenes

    - The Basics of Cannabis Extraction

    and so much more...

Level Up NOW
Level Up Your Budtender Skills

Tabitha Fritz

Creator of the Level-Up program

Tabitha is more than an industry expert; she's a cannabis connoisseur. From her experience in curating luxury cannabis products to her deep understanding of the Canadian market, Tabitha is your guide to the high-end world of cannabis.

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Student Reviews

Jaskaran B., Toka

"Phenomenal training session. The scientific approach made it one of the best I've been involved with."

Vanessa L., Farmhouse

"Incredible instruction. I've been a cannabis consumer for years, but I've never understood its luxury aspects until now."

Anonymous, Mihi

"Exceptional training session. The focus on high-end products and pairings has truly elevated my expertise."