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Cannabis 201
Cannabis 201 takes budtenders beyond the basics of cannabis, covering the cannabis plant, the human body, and how those things work together...
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Customer Service and the Customer-Focused Sales Methodology
Budtenders learn the customer service and sales skills they need to be successful in a retail shop.
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Licensed Producers, Cannabis Products and Cannabis Consumption
Budtenders will learn about Canadian Licensed Producers, how cannabis is grown, how products...
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Jaskaran B., Toka

Phenomenal training session. One of the best I've been involved with. Tabitha has an amazing way of explaining the process of cannabis. Awesome for someone with ADHD. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dry humour.

Vanessa L., Farmhouse

Amazing instruction. I have been a daily cannabis consumer for many years and have learned information today that I never even heard about. So much of this will not only be transferred to our customers but also will be put into my own use of cannabis from now on. Fantastic experience and great teaching!

Anonymous, Mihi

The interactive parts of the training where we integrated what we learned with our own knowledge made me feel more confident about recommending products to customers.