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DECEMBER 4, 2023


CanMar, a leading name in the cannabis industry, is proud to publicly announce its collaboration with CannDelta, a prominent international firm known for providing cannabis licensing and small business guidance and support to cannabis businesses worldwide. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the cannabis landscape, as two industry leaders join forces to revolutionize the way cannabis enterprises operate and thrive.

Under this collaboration, CanMar will entrust CannDelta with all cannabis regulatory, compliance, and licensing matters, including the micros subscription business, ensuring seamless and efficient processes for both companies.

Sherry Boodram & Lucas McCann - CannDelta

CannDelta, recognized as the premier cannabis consulting firm in the US and Canada, will expand its services to include recruitment, advertising, and expanded training services, which will be delivered and facilitated by CanMar. This diversification aims to empower CannDelta’s clients with comprehensive solutions, enhancing their competitiveness and market presence. CanMar is enthusiastic about facilitating these expanded services, recognizing the immense value they bring to the industry.

This collaborative approach ensures that clients on both ends benefit from a wide array of expertise and resources, tailored to meet the unique challenges of the cannabis industry.

KD Khairah & Melissa Jane Sydie - CanMar

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with CannDelta," says CanMar Founder and CEO KD Khairah. "Their expertise and track record in the cannabis consulting field are unparalleled, and we are confident that this collaboration will bring immense value to our clients and partners. Together, we will redefine industry standards and pave the way for innovation and success."

About CannDelta:

CannDelta is a renowned international small-business cannabis consulting firm that has earned its reputation as the leading licensing and compliance consulting firm in the US and Canada. With a team of seasoned professionals and a track record of success, CannDelta has quickly proven its ability to guide cannabis enterprises – whether they are newcomers to the industry or established players – towards success since incorporating in 2018. From regulatory compliance to strategic planning, CannDelta offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the challenges of the cannabis industry.

About CanMar Ventures Ltd.

CanMar Ventures Ltd. was founded in 2017 and has been dominating recruitment services to the Cannabis and Psychedelics Industry. Today, CanMar offers recruitment, education, advertising, and The Hub by CanMar, a new user tech platform dedicated to the cannabis and psychedelic global community. A place where likeminded individuals can connect, collaborate, and engage in a censorship free platform for all things cannabis and psychedelics.

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