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NOVEMBER 13, 2023


CanMar is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with the Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC). This alliance marks a significant step towards enhancing networking opportunities and fostering business growth within the thriving cannabis sector. 

CanMar's decision to collaborate with GCNC will amplify both as integral players in shaping the future of the global cannabis industry. Operating as a highly selective and exclusive network, GCNC brings together an advisory board and membership group representing North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. With a focus on knowledge exchange, GCNC is renowned for the international expansion of each of its vetted member businesses, creating a secure environment for organizations and cannabis executives to connect, collaborate and share. 

Jill Reddish - GCNC, Co-Founder

As part of the collaboration, CanMar is set to host a private GCNC group on its innovative platform, The Hub by CanMar. Membership will be by request only, and provide access to exclusive resources, educational content, and valuable connections and business development. By leveraging the expertise of both these businesses, the collaboration of CanMar and GCNC brings together the proficiency of two industry leaders to create a powerful synergy. 

As further testament to their commitment to the industry, CanMar is proudly sponsoring GCNC’s C-Suite Connector event, an affiliated event alongside the prestigious MJBizCon expo and trade show in Las Vegas this year. As one of the largest and most significant business conferences in the sector, MJBizCon brings together over 30,000 cannabis entrepreneurs and more than 100 industry speakers from around the world. As the epicenter for networking, education, and the exchange of industry knowledge, a large portion of the sector’s business deals and partnerships are formed here. 

Prepare for a transformative journey in the cannabis landscape as CanMar and GCNC join forces to chart a new course for progress. 

For more information about a potential partnership with CanMar book a call today. 

For details about GCNC and its mission and membership, please visit their website

About CanMar Ventures Ltd.

CanMar Ventures Ltd. was founded in 2017 and has been dominating recruitment services to the Cannabis and Psychedelics Industry. Today, CanMar offers recruitment, education, advertising, and The Hub by CanMar, a new user tech platform dedicated to the cannabis and psychedelic global community. A place where likeminded individuals can connect, collaborate, and engage in a censorship free platform for all things cannabis and psychedelics.

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