DECEMBER 20, 2023


Vancouver - [December 20, 2023] CanMar, a trailblazer in cannabis and psychedelics recruitment, licensing, advertising, education, and community building, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Cannabis MarketSpace, the premier online buy and sell marketplace for the cannabis industry. This collaboration is poised to set a new standard for online cannabis marketplaces. The partnership also marks the debut of the first featured marketplace on The Hub by CanMar, the company’s innovative social platform dedicated to connecting the global cannabis, psychedelics, and health and wellness community.

A New Era of Cannabis Commerce

The Hub by CanMar is more than just an app; it’s a revolution in social connectivity, trade and networking for the industry. With this partnership, The Hub will feature Cannabis MarketSpace as its inaugural marketplace on Marketplace at The Hub, a dedicated area of the app offering users direct, censorship-free access to a vast array of cannabis-related products, services, and opportunities. Cannabis MarketSpace provides access to a Buy and Sell Marketplace, Job Portal, Cannabis Business Listings, Service Providers, and a Global Cannabis Events Calendar.

Pauline K Hyde - CEO, Cannabis MarketSpace

A Synergy of Vision and Expertise

CanMar, with its deep roots in recruitment, licensing, and education within the cannabis and psychedelics industries, brings a wealth of knowledge and a robust network to this partnership. Cannabis MarketSpace, renowned for its curated selection of cannabis equipment, services, and opportunities, complements CanMar’s offerings by providing a trusted space for transactions and trade.

“I look forward to our new partnership. KD and the CanMar team are as dedicated to and passionate about the cannabis industry as I am. I see many great things ahead for CanMar, Cannabis MarketSpace and our new collaboration,” says Cannabis MarketSpace CEO, Pauline K Hyde.

KD Khairah – CEO & Founder, CanMar

Empowering the Community

CanMar is committed to empowering professionals and businesses within the cannabis space. By offering Cannabis MarketSpace on The Hub, CanMar is set to enhance the user experience significantly, providing a seamless and efficient platform for both buyers and sellers to connect and thrive. By offering Cannabis MarketSpace, The Hub is poised to offer an unparalleled experience that caters to the nuanced needs of the cannabis community.

About Cannabis MarketSpace

Cannabis MarketSpace (CMS) is an online Cannabis Industry Buy & Sell Marketplace. Since early 2022, CMS has facilitated well over $2 million dollars in transactions, helping the cannabis community save money and find great deals on new and used items. Offering services such as auctions, warehouse clear-out and liquidation options, CMS has grown from a ‘Kijiji’ style model to a full-service platform offering unique solutions for the industry. With over 5000 monthly website visits from Canada, the United States and across the globe, Cannabis MarketSpace has become the #1 Go-To Marketplace for the cannabis industry with no fees or commissions.

“During these challenging times, our clients and colleagues needed a one-stop-shop platform to buy and sell equipment, find and list services, post jobs and events. I was looking for a solution and didn’t find one, so I created Cannabis MarketSpace,” Pauline says.

Join Us on The Hub

Find Marketplace at The Hub. Download The Hub by CanMar now and be part of a revolutionary social experience in the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics universe.


About CanMar

CanMar Ventures Ltd. was founded in 2017 and has been dominating recruitment services to the Cannabis, Psychedelics, and Health and Wellness Industries across North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Today, CanMar is your one-stop solution offering recruitment, education, advertising, and The Hub by CanMar, a new user tech platform dedicated to the cannabis and psychedelic global community. A place where likeminded individuals can connect, collaborate, and engage in a censorship free platform for all things cannabis and psychedelics. CanMar’s mission is to unlock growth and potential in the rapidly evolving cannabis and psychedelics industries.

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