FEBRUARY 2, 2024


Vancouver - [February 2nd, 2024] The Canna Golf Classic, established in 2018, renowned for hosting premier cannabis industry events, has announced an exciting partnership with The Hub by CanMar as their official community engagement app. This collaboration aims to elevate the experience at The Canna Golf Classic's diverse array of executive networking events, including the Canna “Kentucky” Derby, The Canna Golf Tournament & Master’s Awards and The Canna Dinner Cruise.

The Canna Golf Classic, known for its unique blend of golfing excellence and cannabis culture, has been at the forefront of integrating these two worlds. The events offer a platform for cannabis enthusiasts and golfers to connect, share experiences, and celebrate the benefits of cannabis in sports. With its picturesque courses and best in class food & beverage, the events at The Canna Golf Classic have become a must-attend for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and athletes.

The Hub by CanMar, a leading digital platform in the cannabis industry, is set to revolutionize the event experience for Canna Golf Classic attendees. Known for its innovative approach to community engagement, The Hub by CanMar offers a suite of tools designed to enhance interaction, networking, and access to event-specific content. The app will serve as a central point for event updates, networking opportunities, and engagement activities, providing attendees with an immersive and interactive event experience.

"This collaboration with The Hub by CanMar is a game-changer for The Canna Golf Classic," said Jan Correia, the Executive Director/Founder of The Canna Golf Classic. "Their platform's ability to connect our attendees in a dynamic and interactive way aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a community around cannabis and golf. We're excited to see how this partnership enriches our events and enhances the experience for all participants."

On the other side of the partnership, KD Khairah, Founder of CanMar expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. "We are thrilled to be the official community engagement app for The Canna Golf Classic. Our platform is all about bringing healthy sports & cannabis enthusiasts together, and what better way to do this than at one of the most exciting events in the cannabis sports world. We look forward to contributing to the success of The Canna Golf Classic and offering a unique digital experience to its attendees."

Attendees can download The Hub app to stay updated on the schedule of events being hosted by The Canna Golf Classic for 2024. The Canna “Kentucky” Derby on 8th June 2024 in Vancouver starts the year off with a bang!

For more information about The Canna Golf Classic, please visit HOME (

For more information about The Hub by CanMar and its features, please visit Join Canmar's Community: Connect with Global Cannabis & Psychedelics Experts Today

About The Hub by CanMar:The Hub by CanMar is a leading digital platform in the cannabis industry, focused on connecting professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses. The app provides a comprehensive suite of tools for networking, content sharing, and community engagement within the cannabis industry.

About The Canna Golf Classic:The Canna Golf Classic is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated event management company established in 2018. We specialize in organizing unique and upscale events that bring together professionals from various industries, creating memorable experiences for participants. Our signature events include the Canna Golf Classic, Canna "Kentucky" Derby, and The Canna Cruise, each offering a blend of sports, luxury, and networking opportunities. The Canna Golf Classic is dedicated to curating exceptional experiences that go beyond traditional networking. We aim to create a platform where industry leaders can connect, collaborate, and celebrate success in an atmosphere of camaraderie and luxury.

Join us at The Canna Golf Classic and be part of an unparalleled fusion of sports, business, and leisure. Elevate your networking experience with us!

Join the official Canna Golf Classic Private Group on The Hub. Download The Hub by CanMar now, request to join the Canna Golf Classic group and be part of a revolutionary social experience.


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