Brand Ambassador
Arkade A
CanMar was an absolute pleasure to deal with in my recruitment process for a Brand Ambassador position with a well-known Licensed Cannabis Producer in Canada. Throughout the entirety of the said process, they ensured to check up consistently, while providing me with great wisdom & guidance in preparation for my first day! There was never a point in time where I felt alone or confused in the process as the CanMar team was extremely supportive & knowledgeable. I cannot express my gratitude for the amazing experience I’ve had with CanMar. Their dedication in ensuring everyone has an equal chance at success is extremely noticeable & honourable. The team’s bubbly characters & ability to be personable is evident & aside from the recruitment aspect, we shared great conversations throughout the process. CanMar went above & beyond in any way they could & goes to show how dedicated they truly are. Thank you once again!