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Welcome to CanMar 2.0! We’re taking the CanMar brand to a whole new level! Don’t worry, we’re totally still all about #changinglives. Need top-quality staff? We’ve got you covered. Looking for your dream job? You’ve come to the right place. Our dream team of cannabis, psychedelic, and hemp industry partners has the skills, know-how, and personal touch to place top-quality individuals in a variety of roles across the legalized global sector. Plus, we have something exciting brewing. But that’s all we can say for now. Watch this space.























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Kaia, Brand Ambassador

I couldn’t be happier with CanMar’s process! John reached out with an amazing opportunity for me and was not only incredibly attentive each step of the way (i.e. preparing me before and after the interview), but he was also incredibly encouraging and just as excited for me as I am for the job! If CanMar reaches out to you, hear them out; they might have a dream job waiting for you!

Nigel G, Master Grower

Namita from CanMar Recruitment is a standing reproach to recruiting and talent acquisition. It takes talent to find it; better yet, professionalism to keep it. She is the first recommendation I have for companies and people. Our paths crossed first some three years ago – at the birth of the nascent Cannabis industry. Since then, as our careers have grown, so has her reputation and heuristics in coaching, mentoring, and advising. She has placed many great candidates in dream positions: myself included through CanMar recently. Namita and the team at CM are at the vanguard of recruitment – I could not recommend them enough.

Mitchell F

Lisa reached out to me with the perfect career opportunity, and her timing couldn’t have been any better! Even with the tight timeline, she was able to coordinate, mediate, and organize the hiring and on-boarding process with my new employer! She is extremely professional, engaging and a true expert in her field! Thank you CanMar; I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into the industry to work with the team.

Ketan K, Directory of Quality Assurance

I want to give a big shout out to CanMar Recruitment once again for presenting me with an excellent career opportunity. My recruitment partner for this process was Namita Badiyal. Namita has been amazing throughout the recruitment process. She is very engaging, supportive and believes in building relationships. I cannot thank her enough for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career. I would not hesitate to recommend CanMar Recruitment for anyone looking to kickstart a new career in the cannabis industry.

Marcello F, Business Development Manager

I wanted to highlight two amazing team members Jessica Chester & Timothy Lum. Looking for work during Covid is stressful. Jessica and Timothy brought an excitement to my job search, as their passion for what they do shines through in their outstanding customer service. I’m extremely impressed with the team you have at CanMar Recruitment Inc. Keep up the great work!

MS, Director of Sales & Marketing

Very personable and personalized approach, unlike any other head hunter I have experienced in the past – highly recommend Namita and her team – thumbs up for CanMar!

Bhavana R, Director of Extraction & Product Development

Thank you so much, team Canmar for bringing me an incredible opportunity and positioning me uniquely with the company. Even if a candidate and an employer are right for each other, it really helps to have a recruiter seamlessly connect both sides.
Despite the pandemic, Canmar enabled an exciting year ahead for me. Big shout out to Namita, Kelli and KD! “

Sean H, QA Associate

I would like to thank all of you at CanMar Recruitment very much for your services throughout the entire process of my recent job search. It wasn’t easy as the COVID-19 situation had just happened while I was starting to look for employment. The help provided from your team, especially my recruiter ‘Namita Badyal’ was top notch. Namita was a great help, kind, encouraging and always there to answer any questions. She even reached out on her own accord to check in and see how I was making out at various stages throughout the process, which means a lot to me. In fact, we still keep in contact to this day and will continue to do so into the future.  I would highly recommend contacting the CanMar team and Namita to anyone looking for a role in the cannabis industry.

Shivani B, Head of Quality Assurance

I wanted to share my feedback regarding the recruitment process I went through recently with CanMar. First of all I want to emphasize on my interactions with Namita Badyal. She was fantastic as a recruiter and she made the role very clear since the beginning and made a point in understanding my requirements as well. She is very approachable and professional. She kept in contact with me throughout the process, always giving useful advice. My interactions with Timothy Lum were positive as well. Many thanks for making the whole experience a positive one.

Rum R, Relationship Manager

I wanted to take a minute to thank the team at CanMar Recruitment for their assistance in helping me find a new job. Kelli Cera was very personable, friendly, and professional. They made a dreadful hunt for a new job seamless. Thank you CanMar Recruitment for helping me find the perfect job!

Raghu K, Quality Assurance Associate

I would like to thank the team at Canmar Recruitment, especially Tim who was incredibly supportive throughout interview process. From the offset, Tim kept me updated with the interview process and dedicated time to talk about any concerns. They both listened attentively and were able to orientate me in the right direction. I can confidently say their communication with me throughout was unparalleled! They listened to all my concerns and provided with the best possible solution.I was briefed well for the interview process with good interview tips. I would definitely recommend CanMar Recruitment.

Manju S, Quality Assurance Asscoaite

None of CanMar’s (Tim’s) calls in this whole recruitment process made me stress a bit because they make it so easy for a person to open up; talk and share as it is required from a candidate perspective. There is a lot always to talk about and I never felt like I am talking to a recruiter. It was so easy and convenient like I could call or text any time and tell what’s going on. Overall. You guys are just amazing. Really acknowledge and appreciate for whatever you did. Can’t thank you enough CanMar Recruitment.

J-Ann E, Alternate QAP

CanMar has helped me obtain my dream job. The whole process was very enjoyable. I instantly felt like I was talking to friends. I would especially like to thank Timothy Lum (Tim) for guiding and providing me with constant feedback throughout the entire interview process. He was very informative and prompt for any inquiries I had. I have and would recommend CanMar recruitment to any of my colleagues looking into working in the Cannabis industry.

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