FEBRUARY 2, 2024

The Top 5 Cannabis Certification Programs for Aspiring Professionals

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As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, proper education and certification become increasingly vital. For those looking to excel, choosing the right certification program is a critical decision. This blog will guide you through the top 5 global cannabis certification programs, offering a detailed roadmap for your education journey in this dynamic field.

The Top 5 Cannabis Certification Programs:
Northern Michigan University - Medicinal Plant Chemistry
  • Program Type: Undergraduate Degree 

  • Focus: Comprehensive study on the chemistry of medicinal plants, primarily cannabis. 

  • Features: This is the first four-year undergraduate program in the U.S. specifically focusing on cannabis. It combines rigorous science-based coursework with hands-on laboratory experience. 

  • Instructor: Associate Professor Brandon Canfield 

  • Website: Northern Michigan University 

Pacific College of Health and Science - Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics
  • Program Type: Graduate Degree

  • Focus: Advanced studies in medical cannabis, covering pharmacokinetics, physiological effects, and anatomical mechanisms.

  • Features: This program prepares professionals to enter the cannabis industry as healthcare providers, focusing on advanced cannabis topics.

  • Instructor: Timothy Byars

  • Website: Pacific College

Oaksterdam University
  • Program Type: Various Courses and Certifications

  • Focus: Wide range of topics including business, legal, horticulture, and budtending.

  • Features: Offers both live classroom options and self-paced online courses. It is known for its comprehensive and diverse cannabis education.

  • Website: Oaksterdam University

Green Flower
  • Program Type: Various Certifications

  • Focus: A broad spectrum of cannabis-related subjects, including the unique “Ganjier” cannabis sommelier program.

  • Features: Partners with major universities and provides an extensive range of certifications, making it a suitable choice for various career paths in the cannabis industry.

  • Website: Green Flower

Cannabis Training University (CTU)
  • Program Type: Online Certifications

  • Focus: Comprehensive cannabis education covering cultivation, law, business, and more.

  • Features: Offers seven courses and nine certifications. The curriculum includes access to 200 videos and 5,000 pages of eBooks, making it a great value for in-depth cannabis learning.

  • Website: Cannabis Training University

Conclusion: Embarking on an educational journey in the cannabis industry is a pivotal step toward professional success. These top 5 cannabis certification programs offer diverse, rigorous, and industry-relevant education. Whether your interest lies in medicinal aspects, business, law, or cultivation, these programs provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the evolving world of cannabis.

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